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I am still getting a steady stream of comments from unhappy customers of the Brooklyn camera shop with many names. Whether it is called Royal Camera, City Camera City,, or , it is still the same shabby storefront operation in Brooklyn.

Not everyone writes to complain.  Some customers write to thank me and others are taking action. I received an email today from Dario Diaz, an attorney who is preparing a lawsuit against this store.

If you have any information to offer Dario and his client, please consider helping them out. This is the second lawyer who has shown interest in seeking damages from Royal Camera, CCI, etc.

I am an attorney in Tampa, Florida that is preparing a lawsuit against CCI Camera City, aka Royal Camera, et. al.  I ran across your site and would be interested in finding any complaints against CCI made by Florida residents.  Obviously, my main concern is the client I am currently representing in a bait and switch transaction.  But, I would really like to get additional people who have had similar dealings with CCI to be either witnesses in my current case, or to represent individually or in a class action against CCI.

If you have any information or might be able to help with anyone in Florida who has similar dealings with CCI, I would be glad to speak with them.  Thanks.

Dario D. Diaz, Esquire
1101 N. Armenia Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33607-5307
Phone: (813)259-1017
Fax: (813)259-3790

For those Florida residents who have felt the sting of a CCI camera scam, this is your chance for a little payback. Don’t sit at home and fume. See what you can do to get restitution and make the Internet safer for camera buyers.

Feel free to share any news of your success. An informed and active marketplace is the best weapon against shoddy business practices.

To make it easier to find all of the information about this company in
one place, I will create a website which contains every post I have
made and all of the comments I have received about this store. Meanwhile, my last
post, Online Camera Ripoffs Continue, is worth rereading while I put the new BadCameraStore website in place.

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