There is land for sale in Floyd County, but…

Oak Hill Farm from the LCF Group

UPDATE- 8-22-07:

The Floyd real estate market has changed significantly since I wrote this article and I have updated the text and links to reflect the current situation

Yes, there was land for sale in Floyd County, but in 2004, you had to know where to look and who to ask. This was the big challenge we faced when we decided to move to Floyd County.

We had been coming to Floyd County, Virginia, since September 2003 when we drove down here from Charlottesville to meet blogger Fred First. We immediately fell in love with Floyd County and set about finding some acreage to buy.

Googling "land for sale Floyd" produced these results in 2003: There was land for $5000/acre if you bought 200 acres or so and there were single house lots for $35,000. Neither of these extremes fitted our needs and there was very few offerings in between. We could only find farms or house lots and we didn’t want either.

We tried employing a local Realtor as a buyer’s agent and she kept trying to sell us undesirable land instead of acting as a bird dog for us. A buyer’s agent is a specially trained agent who acts only on the buyer’s behalf and can speed up the buying process if they understand their job, which is to find you the best deal possible, not sell you scraps from their portfolio.

We finally found a Realtor in a nearby city who understood how to be a buyer’s agent and she found us the right piece of land in short order. It wasn’t as large as we wanted but it had the seclusion we wanted, and the price was affordable, about $10,000/acre.

We had many months of work to do getting the land perk-tested, surveyed, and getting the drain field located where we wanted it. Then we had the drudgery of negotiating with unwilling neighbors to get easements for electricity and phone lines to be brought in. It was a lot of work, but we are extremely happy with the finished result and I’ve documented the entire adventure in my articles on Moving to Floyd.

Today, it is easier to find land for sale in Floyd County. Google has a localized Housing search engine that instantly brings up information on the area of your choice.
Click on this image to fire up the Google search engine.


Here is the results of today’s search for land in the Floyd area. Your results will most certainly vary.


The Pine Creek Mill, Floyd, VAThe image at the top of this article is Oak Hill Farm which is on Sandy Flats Road, just a mile up the road from the Pine
Creek Mill
, one of the little known scenic treasures of Floyd County.

The Oak Hill Farm site has many wonderful pictures of the property to rest your eyes on. Browse to your heart’s content. As far as I know, this developer is not currently offering land for sale in Floyd County, but you still might want to check for land in nearby counties.

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