More about the “free” logsplitter scam

Logsplitterscam has a scam going where they offer a "free" logsplitter which is actually a premium for signing up for several expensive services and products. Read the many pages of fine print to see how much you have to buy to earn your "free" logsplitter.

I have recently received some emails that confirmed my earlier post about this company. One of the real giveaways of a scammer is that they generate anonymous emails telling us that the company is really wonderful to deal with, there is no catch and we are maligning a wonderful company, etc., etc.

Here is the latest example of one of these false testimonials:

Name:     Austin Wolff


Hello there. Im not sure why you think this site is a scam. First they send you a check in the amount of the log splitter, you do not need to sign up for a ridiculous number of offers, and lastly I have completed this site and MANY others to recieve a good deal of money.

I sent an email to


How fascinating!

Tell me more about your experiences with this company.


I got an immediate response that the email address was false. This is the second of these faux recommendations I have received, so until I hear otherwise I am recommending that you avoid this offer as though it was a letter from those friendly Nigerians who want to put money in your bank account.

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