Early Morning Blogging

I enjoy working in the early hours of the morning because the house is still and the world outside is dark and still asleep. I can work away on untested ideas without having to respond to the phone or to break for visitors. Once I am at work, there is enough high priority work to fill every minute available, so untested ideas which need uninterrupted time for contemplation get kept for quieter hours.

Then again, as I write this, I hear a low crooning behind me and our female cat Buffy the Slayer scuttles across the room with a hapless mouse or mole dangling from her jaws. It is hard to tell because she is moving fast and is trying to hide it from my view. She has just returned from a brief foray into the rainy night with her first catch of the day.

She no longer brings her prizes for me to view because I invariably pick them up and hurl them into the outside darkness before they drip on the rug.

Now she merely croons to let me know her hunt was successful and then she disappears into one of the back rooms to snack on her prey. With luck, we will discover the little carcass before it begins to get ripe.

We notice an interesting pattern in the daily behavior of our little huntress. She has several places where she spends time observing mice and mole activity but cannot get close enough to capture anything. Later she will go out the door and return with prey in a matter of minutes.

Well, it’s 6:15am now and my email alert is going off. Time to get on with the business of the day.

The first thing is to discover where Buffy left her early morning treat… UPDATE: A well-chewed half-mouse was lying inside the bedroom and I disposed of it. Buffy had already gone outside in search of another one.

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