Getting ready for Winter

The last few days of October bring us weather changes that delight and alarm. Even as the last fires of Autumn foliage are lighting up the trees, snow flurries are falling on nearby mountains.

For those of us who have not cut our winter firewood, the sudden drop in temperature is a last warning to get busy and stack enough away to carry us through the Winter months ahead.

I have enough logs to make up 6 cords of firewood, but I need to take some time off to cut and split it. A few days of energetic woodcutting will make a huge difference, so the sounds of the chainsaw and logsplitter will echo through the woods until I’m done.

I have seasoned oak and poplar with a little maple, so the stove will be well-fed this year with even burning firewood in a wide range of convenient sizes.

To get an idea of the production that is possible with a DR brand electric log splitter, check out one of the following videos.

Log splitter.wmv (5.45mb) (20mb)

I can increase production further by enlisting neighbor Tom King to operate the log splitter while I fetch the logs.

I have a blogger friend, Fred First, who prefers the traditional method of splitting logs with a maul, claiming that this heats him twice: once when he splits it and once more in the stove.

You will see from the video that I get enough exercise lugging logs around that I am more than willing to have an electric log splitter do some of the work.


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