Bob Rogers, Architect and Artist

Bob Rogers, a respected architect and really nice guy, is taking on a major challenge as a late-life artist.

Not content with the difficulties of becoming an artist, Bob is developing an art form at the same time.

Unlike "Junk Art" or "Recycled Art" (which are already established movements) Bob’s pieces use recycled materials to create an armature on which he arranges story elements. We don’t just observe Bob’s art, we are lead into discovering a message.

To this observer, Bob’s art is a playfully sophisticated melding of artwork and story.

His three dimensional pieces embody a thought-provoking view of issues we face and each has an unmistakable touch of insouciance.

Even though he has been at it for only a few months, he is creating works that leave a lasting impression. I find myself going back to view his work and discovering new insights each time.

As an architect, Bob has these professional goals: To change the nature and methodology of architectural practice to more fully embody the firm’s mission – "Architecture for Sustainable Living – Connecting Body, Mind, Spirit and Place".

As an artist, he seems to be carrying on a similar mission through his art work.

Bob has a long history with the Jacksonville Center in Floyd. His firm, Architectural Alternatives, supervised the transformation of an abandoned 1940’s dairy barn into a showcase for regional art and crafts training.

The above piece titled "Public School" will be on display at the Canopy of Trees Exhibition in the Hayloft Gallery at the Jacksonville Center in Floyd, VA through November 25.


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