Scott Perry – blogging up a storm

He plays the Blues, he plays Roots, and now he’s a blogger! Hot Damn!  I think Floyd County is in for some blogging excitement!

Scott Perry is the new blogger in Floyd and he is showing the same great style as a blogger as he does when he performs. The man is smooth and polished, with a boyish smile and a wicked sense of humor.

Drop in and welcome Scott to the world of blogging. Leave a comment to let him know that he has a whole new audience.  Bookmark his weblog while you are at it because you will want to return and see more of his writing.

His weblog address is and he has created a tasteful site design on Blogger.

Here is a new blogger who is well-known locally and he has taken a step which I feel will open new doors for him. I am very pleased that he has embraced a technology that can expand his circle of friends to the millions of Blues and Country music lovers all around the world.

Scott is already showing potential for becoming a top blogger and this blog is a fitting complement to his website, which is a sophisticated presentation of the man and his music. The website design is stunning, but I never ran across it until I read his weblog. It will be interesting to see how they play off each other.

He shows the same talent for assimilation as a blogger as he does as a musician. His story about Robert Johnson as the Thomas Jefferson of the Blues may give you a new viewpoint on how to build masterpieces on the ideas of others.

Scott has a good head for business. I expect he will figure out how to build a following through blogging and leverage it to accomplish anything he sets his mind to. I am sure he will do it differently than I did, so I expect to keep an eye on him now that he is launched and pick up any ideas that are promising. We bloggers are always happy to borrow good ideas from others. 🙂

Go for it, Scott. You are in for an amazing and exciting adventure.

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