The Floyd County Comprehensive Plan will affect your property rights – attend the July 19th meeting

A Public Hearing for the Updated Floyd County Comprehensive Plan will be held by the Floyd County Planning Commission on Tuesday, July 19th at 7 p.m. at the Floyd County Administration Bldg.

The complete draft is available here:

If you have not read this comprehensive plan, you are not alone as it is a lot to wade through. It has a lot of soothing phrases like "Residents will enjoy the rural character and sense of community that honors the past and forges the future" Unfortunately, all of this is to be accomplished by central control of almost every aspect of our lives.

A lot of work has gone into planning for the centralized control of your use of your private land and your water. Under the guise of protecting the environment, your personal liberties will be subject to central planning by non-elected groups that know better than you do about your needs.

Ask yourself how you are going to have a garden of your own in the communal area. Will your kids be able to play ball there? Can you run your dogs there?  Maybe the community will form a homeowners association to decide who does what.

Along with plans for communal living, there are plans to imposition of business licenses with fees to provide an active inventory for "economic development" purposes.

There are also several mentions of the urgent need to redesign the existing county seal to reflect a progressive and nature-oriented new direction. The old seal has done us well for many years. I for one do not see the need to adapt it to a "going green for Gaia" movement. (see pg 165 of the Comp plan)

A little background data:

Tuesday night we had a packed house at the library for Don Casey's presentation on what "Sustainability" and "Comprehensive Planning" actually means when interpreted by bureaucrats. It was a sobering experience and highlighted the threats to individual property rights when one is uninformed about the details of comprehensive plans.

Don shared a great deal of knowledge and a lot of handouts and DVDs for people to take home.  It fueled a lot of people's energy to get involved in Floyd's Comprehensive Planning activity.  The Executive Committee surveyed a number of active members and the concensus was that the Comprehensive Planning meeting on the 19th was more important than our FTP meeting on that same night.

As a result, the Executive Committee unanimously decided to urge you to attend the comprehensive planning meeting this month. We will not be holding the regular Floyd Tea Party meeting at the Library on the 19th.

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