Internal weblog as a staff bulletin board?

I have taken on a management role in a small organization and we have launched an internal weblog which allows us to share information. The weblog title is Staff Bulletin Board to make it less intimidating to our non-computer users.

All staff who have computers have Guest Author status. They can
write posts that will be published to the weblog with or without
review. Guest authors can only edit their own posts.

Staff who do not use computers in their daily work can access the
Staff Bulletin Board by means of a computer kiosk located in a central
location. We have a few older computers which will be added to the
network as soon as we get time. Our wireless network gives us the
flexibility we need.

This organization offers many different short classes and workshops
and the constant question being asked by public and staff alike relates
to the status of upcoming classes.

With this new internal weblog, staff can exchange and update
information whether they are located on campus or away on a trip.
Problem situations can be noted and requests for service can be posted.
In the few days this internal weblog has been running, it has already
made a difference in the information available to me as a manager.

I decided to use Typepad to host the Staff Bulletin Board instead of
using wiki software because it is a familiar tool and seems to offer
all of the features we need with little or no training required.

I have investigated wikis several times and have come away confused
because of the unfamiliar navigation procedure. It has made me realize
the overwhelming advantage of using a familiar interface even for
dissimilar tasks.

As owner of the weblog, I can edit any part of the weblog and change
the design as needed. We are keeping things simple by limiting this
internal weblog i.e. The Staff Bulletin Board to non-confidential

We will probably implement online staff schedules in the next few
days, because we have a high percentage of part-time staff and
volunteers on flexible schedules. As our traffic volume builds, it
becomes more important to be able to know what coverage we have for
events taking place outside of normal working hours.

Do any of you have internal corporate weblogs with multiple authors? What has your experience been?
What kind of information are you sharing?

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