Floyd area bloggers to meet Thursday June 8th

I will be hosting another gathering of bloggers at the Cafe del Sol in Floyd, VA on Thursday morning starting at 11:00am. It is open to all bloggers and would-be bloggers and will be relatively unstructured. This is not a presentation. It is an exchange of information and a chance to meet other area bloggers.

Bring your laptop as there is free wi-fi available at the Cafe Del Sol.

You might enjoy reading Seth Godin’s recent ebook, Who’s There. He describes three types of blogs: Cat blogs, Boss Blogs, and Viral blogs,

Cat Blogs: A cat blog is about your cat and your dating travails and your boss and whatever you feel like sharing… "

Boss Blogs: A boss blog is a way to communicate to a specific group.

Viral Blogs: These are the blogs that are changing the face of
marketing, journalism and the spread of ideas… they’re viral blogs
because the goal of the blog is to spread ideas."

No matter what kind of blog you have you are welcome at this meeting. Incidently, "What kind of blog do you have?"

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