We are stronger together than apart

Gretchen and I drove 1000 miles to attend a wedding of our dear friends, Dickie and Scott, and we traveled less than most of the other attendees.

In an increasingly turbulent and unstable world, it seems like a good thing to encourage those who are binding their lives together and forging a future path that benefits all of their family members and friends.

And so, we came from all over the country to celebrate the marriage of our talented and graceful woman friend to a handsome and gifted man from the other end of the United States.

She is a high tech marketing manager and quilter and he is a lawyer who writes and publishes poetry. They are both as natural as rain and made everyone feel at home.

The wedding was elegantly informal and the reception was even more so. The wedding party quickly shed their shoes and partied until the sun went down. Here you see the bride, groom, and the minister after the ceremony. There were more bare feet in the garden. And did I mention the food…?

The ceremony and reception were held at their home and was attended by relatives, neighbors, and many friends. As is the case with many contemporary marriages, the festivities were enlivened with the presence of children by other marriages, relatives of ex-spouses, and neighbors from the distant past.

We were pleased to a part of this affirmation of purpose. It will be long remembered by all who attended. We wish the newly married couple all the best.Barefeet33

Their cake was even better than it looks! Just like the bride and groom.

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