This week in Floyd, VA

Bambi runs amok in coffee house

Several deer were wandering the streets in Floyd Tuesday when one of them leaped through the tempered glass door of the Cafe del Sol, shattering it and terrorizing the Baristas behind the counter.

Frustrated in her attempt to get service, the doe overturned a table and attempted to leap out a picture window into a meadow below.

Fortunately the window glass was sturdy enough to keep the deer from repeating her earlier leap.

Ellen Wright, an employee of the Winter Sun next door to the Cafe del Sol, heard the deer smash the door and described it as sounding like a train wreck. When Ellen stepped into the Cafe, the panicked doe was scrambling on the slippery hardwood floor and lunging at the window in an effort to escape.

After leaving hoof and nose prints on the window, the deer dashed about the coffee shop and exited by leaping through the front door.

The resourceful staff at the Cafe del Sol have cleaned up the damage and business has returned to normal.

Master Blacksmith to teach at Jacksonville Center for the Arts

Jessie Ward, third generation blacksmith, will be teaching Introduction to Blacksmithing at Jacksonville Center for the Arts.

This three day course will be held on May 13, 20, and 27 if enough people are signed up for it.

No previous blacksmithing experience is required, but all levels are welcome.

Make something you have always wanted to make. Register now by calling 540-745-2784

Floyd Bloggers will meet in the Cafe del Sol today for a forum on blogging

Come to the Cafe del Sol this morning at 11:00am, grab a coffee and join in the discussion. You will hear some ideas on how you might transform your life or your business through blogging.

The blogging forums are held on the second Thursday of every month from 11:00am to 1:00pm in the Cafe del Sol.

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