Floyd Blog Forum ends peaceably – no one hurt

Floyd bloggers and non-bloggers met at the Bambi Cafe (see last post) this morning and exchanged notes. Books were sold, advice was given, and a good time was had by all.

One potential blogger is trying to pick the right name for her blog. Thats how you know when someone is serious. This woman has a great story to tell and a worthwhile mission to accomplish. As soon as she decides to launch, you will read about it here.

I wore my limited edition gapingvoid t-shirt illustrated by Hugh MacLeod, a marketing blogger who writes about the Global MicroBrand .

Non-bloggers in the Cafe del Sol averted their eyes in case it was a political or religious message.

Doug Thompson told the bloggers in the forum not to believe the message on the shirt, since I was probably going to blog the meeting anyway. He was right.

Fred First, dean of Floyd bloggers, signed copies of his new book. He has gotten used to the idea of carrying a supply of books wherever he goes.

I keep a small carton of my books in the car. You never know when someone will say, "What do you do?" That kind of conversation often starts with an exchange of business cards and frequently ends up with a book transaction.

Fred looks quite natural signing books. I think he is already getting used to the idea of being a published author and freely promoting his book at any provocation. His book satisfies a need in this area because it provides a lyric description of a dream that many tourists are pursuing. I hope that he does very well because it will define a niche that other blogger/writers can help fill.

We are sorry that you could not join us but you might want to mark your calendars for the second Thursday of next month and the months beyond. Out-of-area bloggers are very welcome. If you have a really long drive, email me and we will see if we can find some accommodations for visiting bloggers.

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