Paulina is back at Oddfellas Cantina

Ah, mercy! This swordfish was amazing! It was unlike anything I have ever eaten.

Paulina pan-seared this swordfish and finished it with olives, capers, and a light marinara sauce according to the menu.

Since it tasted nothing like the usual marinara sauce, I had to go into the kitchen and ask how she achieved that result. Paulina explained that the sauce is more like a puttanesca sauce.

For instance, anchovies were crushed into the olive oil until they disappeared, then she added a little wine and lemon and a few other ingredients…and there you have it, perfection!

This was the first time the dish was served and it will stay on the menu until next Wednesday. If you are withing driving distance of Floyd, I strongly suggest that you take advantage of this dish while it is still available.

Reservations are necessary because Oddfellas Cantina is packed solid every night from now til Sunday. Call 540-745-3463

Full Disclosure: Many thanks to Sally Walker for letting me photograph her swordfish dinner. She joined us after I had fallen on my swordfish and eaten it. One of the minor problems with food-blogging is you have nothing to photograph by the time you discover the dish is unusually delicious!

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  1. zoom says:

    David, here is tough question…. 🙂
    Suppose that from now on, you can choose only one dish out of two… Which will it be? This one or the country breakfast?

    In this puzzle your options are
    1. Country breakfast
    2. Sword fish

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