Another disturbing trend – weaponizing government bureaucrats

Swat team coming at you If you have not seen reports of Department of Education SWAT teams and armed raids by other bloated government agencies, you have not been trying.

Putting weapons in the hands of non-law enforcement bureacrats is an invitation to disaster. Its smacks of a major move toward implementing a totalitarian state.

What's next? Armed school crossing guards?

Here are a few recent stories:

Weaponizing the Small Business Administration and Railroad Retirement Board

Quin Hillyer discusses the increasing armed firepower of the federal government.  Most people expect agencies like the FBI to be well armed for law enforcement purposes.  But the Railroad Retirement Board?  He reports that federal agencies far and wide now have armed agents, including the Small Business Administration.  For what?  To scare away phony 8(a) applications??  The United States Department of Education bought 27 Remington Model 870 12-gauge shotguns last year.  Here is the request for proposals to sell the weapons.  Perhaps the contracting officer, Holly Lee, knows why on earth the Department of Education needs a weapons arsenal. Maybe for the Department of Education SWAT team.

Here is a partial list of agencies that have decided to arm their agents so they can carry out their duties with lethal force:

  • Department of Education
  • Small Business Administration
  • Departments of Health and Human Services
  • Agriculture, Labor, and Veterans Affairs
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Fish and Wildlife Service

We are already seeing tragedies as a result of this trend: Ninja Bureacrats on the Loose

It seems that many in the government are not content with disarming the American public, now they want to carry arms to enforce their capricious and unconstitutional policies.

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  1. So the Washington Times titled the article “Ninja Bureacrats on the Loose”? It would seem more correct, given their evident lack of skills and judgement, to have title it “Mall Ninja Bureacrats on the Loose”.

    All of this would be funny if it were not for the deadly consequences.

  2. TechGuy says:

    Perhaps its fortunate that the federal gov’t is bankrupt. Sooner or later the dollar will become worthless, and there will be no more money to for federal law enforcment.
    Since your probably very familiar with American history. Its the dollar that gives authority to the federal gov’t (Aka Alexander Hamilton’s state’s war debt). SWAT teams won’t go on working if they are paid with worthless Federal reserve notes.

    Boomers are beginng to retire in mass, which they stop paying payroll taxes and start withdrawing from Social security and Medicare. Already the gov’t pays out more in Entitlements and wealthfare than it collects in tax revenue. This is only going to get much worse as boomers continue to flood the entitlement programs.

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