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Original Edward Snowden letter published on A Folha today

I think we will look back on his actions as the turning point in our relationship to our highest elected officials. I hope that I would have the same courage he had when it becomes my turn to speak up. … Continue reading

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We are invited to be the Earth Healers

I see that the Concerned Citizens Network has the solution to global warming, unemployment, and our huge deficit and it will only require a totalitarian government, presumably run by the CCN. For those of you who are skeptics and unbelievers, … Continue reading

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Agenda 21: US and UN Share a Global Vision – can we in Floyd resist it?

We have in Floyd the culmination of many dreams. We love the land and appreciate the people whose efforts make the county what it is today. The banner of international sustainable development is a screen for the implementation of communitarian … Continue reading

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Another disturbing trend – weaponizing government bureaucrats

If you have not seen reports of Department of Education SWAT teams and armed raids by other bloated government agencies, you have not been trying. Putting weapons in the hands of non-law enforcement bureacrats is an invitation to disaster. Its … Continue reading

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