Think of a blog as a thought-transmitter

For untold ages, mankind has struggled to communicate its ideas to a wider audience. From earliest history until now, most of the effort was spent on shaping the ideas to fit the communication media available.

Only now, with the recent convergence of the Internet and blogging tools, can a writer be struck with an idea and make that idea available to people on the other side of this planet within a matter of minutes.

The idea goes from the writer to a waiting reader and may be passed on to others in less time than it takes the writer to finish a cup of coffee.

Blogging frees your ideas from the restrictions of earlier publishing channels. Your ideas get spread faster and they can stay in a form that you use naturally. This allows you to communicate the original thought, with almost no alteration.

When you blog, you are literally sending your idea to the mind of the reader as fast as you can type and hit the publish button. You have become that 21st century phenomenon, the citizen publisher.

You are no longer limited by location, age, gender, race, or distance.

Your message is spread by the power of your ideas.

You don’t have to mix paint to put on a cave wall. You don’t have to worry about font selection, page layout or bookstore shelf space. You get an idea and want to share it, BAM!, it’s out on the Internet and you are off on your next idea.

Multiply that activity a million times over and you can see why newspapers, magazines, and the entire traditional publishing world is facing a future that is mutating almost faster than they can react.

In the traditional world, the publishing channel and all of the hoorah that goes with it is the big story. Millions of writers have only a few tiny openings to push their ideas through. There are only so many column inches or shelf space to go around every day and the big problem is selecting whose work is published. A writer’s work is selected when the publisher feels that it will make money for the publisher.

After it is selected, it will take months, sometimes a year, before it is available to the world. This publishing model is under increasing pressure from electronic media like blogs, video blogs, and podcasts, where ideas are created and published within a matter of hours.

One final point. Your electronic media publication can be located by a search engine. Your ideas become part of history as soon as you click on the publish button.

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