Blogging opens doors to opportunities

Welcome, friends of the Manolo! We have no shoes here, just high-tech country living, Bluegrass music, and a lifestyle to die for. Check the category archives for something in your size!

In my last post, I used the Manolo as a superlative example of a blog which is entertaining to read and is like no other blog I have seen.

I did not explain why his blog is entertaining, I wanted my local area readers to discover that for themselves. Circumstances, however, make it desirable to point out that it is the Manolo’s personality which generates the excitement for his many blogs. The Manolo practically pops out of your screen and shares your space with you. He may talk to millions, but he is talking to you as an individual.

He is also quite generous, as he shares the stage with bloggers far out on the long tail of the blogosphere. This is an example for any would-be A-list blogger to study thoroughly..

The Manolo’s attention is outward, not inward. He is interested, not just trying to be interesting. He spotted my mention of him and referred to it on his weblog. As a result, I have had a flood of visitors from the Manolo.

When you blog, you are only seconds away from almost anyone on earth. If say somthing that may be of interest to them, there is the possibility that your message may get through. The ramifications of this are staggering.

We could discuss this at length in the next Open Forum on Blogging at the Cafe Del Sol.  Drop by and join in if you happen to be in Floyd at the time. See you next Thursday at 11 AM.

Bring a laptop if you have one. The Cafe has free wi-fi, great coffee, snacks and hospitality.

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