Blogs to the left of me, blogs to the right of me…

The Floyd Open Forum on Blogging was interesting for all concerned. Here is the short version of the story:

We wedged 10 amusing and entertaining people into the Northeast corner of the Cafe Del Sol and everybody talked at once for almost two hours. Blogging cards were exchanged, advice was sought and exchanged, and two non-bloggers caught the blogging bug.

Local bloggers included: Linda Wright, Leslie Shelon, Jamie Reynolds, Doug Thompson, Fred First, and Colleen Redman.

Topics covered included: blogs for artists, how blogs change your life, blogging tips, and hands-on demonstration of useful blog features. We even got into technical bits like permalinks and trackbacks which were mysteries to many of the newer bloggers.

It was a high energy meeting all around. Questions were flying and three separate discussion groups were running, some with live demonstrations.

The non-bloggers were amazed at how generous the experienced bloggers were with suggestions and advice. They finally realized that bloggers want to see other people start blogging!

I explained that blogging is not a zero-sum game. There is infinite space on the internet and we all benefit when new people join us in the blogosphere.

We covered so much ground that we decided that we should wait at least two weeks before meeting again. By then, we expect that two of the non-bloggers will be blogging. We will announce them as soon as their blogs launch.

If you are an artist/businessperson interested in promoting yourself via a blog, why not plan on attending the next open forum. You may be pleasantly surprised at the help and encouragement you will receive.

Update: Linda Wright picked up a few new tips during the forum and is sharing them with her buddies at

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  1. colleen says:

    Your pictures came out much better than mine, David. Plus it will take me days to write something up. Thanks for hosting this.

  2. This was a very special day. Thanks for putting this together; it was truly a helpful event, as well as fun to meet the people I ‘know’ through blogging!

  3. Leslie says:

    You put an excellent explanation of Trackback in your comment on Linda’s blog. I’m still muddled, but I think it’s because Blogger doesn’t support trackback!

  4. D L Ennis says:

    Do you have to live in the Floyd area to come to a meeting?

  5. david says:

    colleen sent me – what a great meeting – you folks inspired me, maybe I can get a blogaholics anonymous chapter started here in Big Bear Lake, Ca ( elev 6750)

  6. I want to emphasize that all bloggers and would-be bloggers are welcome at these open forums. You do not have to live in the Floyd area to attend.

    I am thinking of making the forum more interesting by creating two separate breakout sessions after the introduction period. One session will be devoted to getting your blog up and going and the other will deal with more advanced tools and techniques.

  7. Clary Lopez says:

    I can’t even remember how I found your blog, probably during one of my many online searches. I just love what you do with your blog and how you use it to promote your work. I’m also an author and help other authors promote their books as well. This Blog Open Forum gave me a great idea to do the same with the community where I live.
    Can you tell me how you promoted it? You’ll be hearing from me again, I’m sure.


  8. Linda says:

    oh no! now I’ve managed to put TWO trackbacks and I don’t know how to undo one! ?? David? can you delete it, or do I just have to live with the embarrassment??
    Thanks! ~L.

    P.S. My blog editor doesn’t give me the option of deleting a previously saved t/b …

  9. long says:

    oh ,good
    TITLE: Strangers are Just Friends …
    BLOG NAME: Goin Up Cripple Creek …
    DATE: 03/31/2006 01:22:52 PM
    … I havent met yet. i just know somebody important originallysaid that, but right now,i can…
    TITLE: Local Bloggers Unite
    BLOG NAME: Loose Leaf Notes
    DATE: 03/31/2006 08:10:30 AM
    A support group? A union? A class or convention? There was talk of track backs, permalinks, and spam. Mostly, we enjoyed meeting each other, some for the first time. We were old bloggers, new bloggers, wanna-be bloggers, and blog readers….

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