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It is easy to see when a man or a woman has a purpose. They have a self-contained mission statement that guides them through life and around obstacles and diversions.

Some may get their purpose from others, while some seem to work out their purposes in life by trial and error until they get it right.

I am not going to judge whether it is better to follow a leader or to develop your own leadership. That is an individual decision and it can’t even be judged by the final results.

What I do know is that finding successsful life strategies is getting easier because of the blogosphere. I am able to tap into the best ideas that millions of bloggers have to offer. I don’t have to read entire books and winnow out the few grains of truth from the mountains of chaff. I can follow lines of thought from one blog to another until I find something worth noting for posterity.

Much of what is blogged verges on the mundane and that is probably good. A steady diet of deep thoughts might be hard to take on a 24×7 basis. What I find, generally, is that bloggers who are deep thinkers produce a few philosophical treasures and leaven them with more easily digestible entertainment.

I even find bloggers whose thinking so parallels mine that it seems like I might have written some of the material. The blogosphere is so large that this synchronicity of thought is becoming a common phenomenon. The latest example for me is a post, Where Do I Go From Here?
by Adrian W. Savage on his blog, The Coyote Within.

He writes:

Setting your eyes on a single goal and achieving it through every obstacle makes a great story, but it’s like betting your life savings on a horse. If it wins, you clean up; if it loses, you lose everything. The more possibilities you can see, the more likely it is at least one of them will work out.

On reading that I immediately realized I use that philosophy constantly, but I have never verbalized it. It’s good advice. At least it works well for me.

Visit Adrian’s blog and read the rest of his article. He has a lot more to say and it may be helpful to you.

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