Things could be worse…

You are getting older and your job may be in jeopardy, but at least you aren’t living in Belarus and campaigning against president Lukashenka.

Alexander Kazulin and Alexander Milinkevich find that the KGB is doing their best to ensure the election results will be unanimously in favor of Lukashenka, who has the reputation of being "Europe’s last dictator".

Public beatings and intimidation by uniformed goon squads mark the end of any hope for a democratic election process.

As is too often the case these days, Reuters and some of the mainstream media are parroting the KGB party line and staunchly supporting the dictator’s actions.

What is it about Reuters and the rest of these MSM guys? They get handed a prepared statement and promote it as news? Don’t they realize there are bloggers fact-checking them at every turn?

Fortunately Steve Rosenberg of the BBC is painting a different picture. Read his article, Pomp and Punch-ups in Belarus. He says being in Minsk this week is like being back in the USSR.

Strike Belarus off your list of quaint vacation places unless you have a taste for dictatorships. It sounds like it is going to get uglier there before it gets better.

Hat tip to Instapundit.

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