You can’t always get what you want

But sometime you get what you need

When we left California in 2002 and moved to Virginia, I had only one regret. This beautiful state of Virginia had No In-N-Out Burgers!

For four years I have tried to reconcile myself to the fact that the nearest In-N-Out Burger was more than 2600 miles away.

Well, today I discovered Five Guys Burgers on 880 University City Blvd in Blacksburg, VA.

After stuffing myself with one of their bacon burger and fries, I no longer pine for In-N-Out Burger. I am ready to begin my new life in Floyd, VA, secure in the knowledge that comparable burgers are available only a few miles away from home.

It’s really very simple, actually, Five Guys Burgers follows the same formula that has made In-N-Out Burger a cult favorite on the Wast Coast:

Bright, friendly employees cook fresh high quality beef before your eyes and serve French fries that come from potatoes peeled, cut, and expertly deep fat fried on the premises.

There are slight differences, of course. They put sacks of potatoes out where customers can see them, but you don’t have the French fry making show that In-N-Out puts on. Nonetheless, you will find  memorable french fries and fine burgers under this sign. Fiveguyssign

So, if you are an expat from California, rest assured that you can
get something comparable to that ineffable In-N-Out experience
here in Virginia. One visit to Five Guys Burgers will make you stop
yearning for California burgers.


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