Country life has a lot to recommend it

You get to hear friends perform

Bernie Coveney entertained us Friday night at the Over The Moon Cafe and Gallery in Floyd. It was a great combination of gourmet food, good wines and wonderful guitar music.

Bernie is an extremely competent guitar player, equally at home playing soft rock, bluegrass, or jazz. This evening he entertained us with Beatles and bluegrass.

We shared a table with Doug and Amy Thompson. A good time was had by all. Next time, we may be able to get some other local bloggers to join us.

You get to play with serious toys

It is very satisfying to reduce a fallen tree to firewood without a lot of effort. A chainsaw and an electric log splitter do the hard work and i just lift and carry the final product, properly-sized firewood.

I use a Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chain Saw with a 20in Bar which makes short work of the largest logs on my property. This 455 Rancher is lighter and more powerful than other saws I have used. Safety glasses and noise-cancelling headphones are a must.

This 6-Ton electric wood splitter from DR Power slices through logs up to 16” thick.

I took this log splitter right out of the box and split enough wood for a week in about an hour. It’s a no-brainer to use it. You put a log on top of the splitter, step around to the back end and control the ram with a single lever. You advance the ram to the log at high speed and drop to the lower speed to split the log.

The entire cycle takes only seconds. The pieces fall away and you put a new log on the splitter and repeat the cycle.

The instruction manual for the log splitter had more warnings than the instructions for my table saw! The manufacturer really wants you to exercise care while using this machine. The ram does not move very fast, so there must be users who are working overtime to operate this splitter in a dangerous manner.

For example, using this splitter is a one man operation, The manufacturer makes the point that two man operation is a big no-no, because it is too easy to lose a hand in the splitter. One man operation means that you have to get out of harms way in order to operate the splitter.

I had considered smaller electric splitters, but I have too many logs that are almost 15 inches in diameter. I don’t need a more powerful gas splitter because I can’t lift logs any larger than these.

I am able to use this splitter with a fifty foot cord which has 10 guage conductors. If I need to split logs at a greater distance from the house, I will need to drag my portable generator along.

You get to spend quiet time with your family

After a hard day working outside, Gretchen sat down to read the latest edition of Country Living. Buffy immediately took up a position where she could see the pictures and keep and eye on the rest of the house. Gretchen said that Buffy was purring up a storm. All must be right in her furry little world.

I hope the same is true for all of you. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Carl says:

    I really do appreciate the posts on product reviews for those products useful in the country.

  2. Tom King says:

    You’ve convinced me. I’m on my way

  3. Tom King says:

    Is that the same oil-leaking log splitter that was left on your doorstep like an unwanted baby?

  4. The earlier log splitter was returned to the sender.

    This log splitter came from Country Home Products and I was really pleased at their responsiveness and their level of service.

    The product seeems to be designed differently than most of the other electric log splitters I reviewed. There are no hydraulic hoses. The hydraulic fluid is transported through channels in a casting on which the pump and the piston are mounted.

    This log splitter is made in China as are all of the others, but the design is more rugged than the others I saw and the workmanship is entirely satisfactory.

    I also purchased a four-year parts and labor warranty which covers the wood splitter (including the motor) against defects in materials or workmanship.

    Country Home Products also maintains a 6-day-per-week Technical Support hotline for owners. This is better support than I get from some of my ISPs!

    I am quite pleased with this log splitter. I will provide updates after I split a few cords of wood.

  5. Kilo says:

    Great post. I found your blog through the carnival. I will read it often!.

  6. Tugboat Phil says:

    I also have a Husqy chainsaw. Mine is the Rancher 55 (18in bar). The air intake has NEVER needed cleaning. It still starts like a brand new one, however, the bar oiler is alittle sloppy now. I have to lay it so the blade is up.

    If you ever need to split more than a little wood, I have a monster splitter. But as to one man operations, it’s not that much safer. After splitting for several hours, in an effort to finish sooner, I became a little complacent.

    My left glove got caught on the splitter head bolt and it pulled my hand down between the blade and the wood. I was afraid to take my glove off, as the inseen injury is always preferable to the one seen. The top of my thumb had gotten peeled back, but not to the point of seeing bone.

    After some peroxide and neosporin, I had to wear my lobster claw bandage for a few days. I have since turned the bolt around so that the smaller end is on the working side. I also pay more attention.

    After cutting my hands numerous times during my Navy days, I have almost all my sea stories in the scars that show. My wife once asked why my left hand had most of the scars. “Easy”, I replied. “I hold my knife in my right hand.”

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