An infinity of blog posts… might be the inspiration you need

With, you will never run out of interesting topics to write about again. It is a free service that enables you to find pages you are not looking for. You don’t search for them in the conventional sense, you stumble upon them.

StumbleUpon uses ratings to form collaborative opinions on website quality. When you "stumble", you will only see pages which friends and like–minded stumblers have liked.

No description will give you the reality that 10 minutes of stumbling will do. I find that it exposes me to sites that I could never have found otherwise. It is so fascinating, and addictive, that I have to limit my use of it in order to get my work done. My current strategy is to stop after a completely satisfying discovery.

Here is a discovery I made only moments ago:

Stumbling upon the Art of Philip Straub


Philip Straub is a concept artist, illustrator, author and art director. He is quite prolific. He does everything from oil paintings to digital art to children’s books and home decor products.

I could fill up pages, but these images speak for themselves. They cover the range from surreal fantasy to cartoon-like simplicity.

You can check out his website which contains digital paintings, illustrations, and Fine Art Limited Edition Archival Prints. You might also want to Check out his 3D textures.




Here is a photo of the artist himself. 

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