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I was sitting in the Cafe Del Sol today and I struck up a conversation with Jesse WhiteCrow, an intriguing 42-year-old who is walking solo across America – on a journey to discover himself. 

Jesse is a well-organized traveler with top-of-the-line hiking gear and a base camp back in Sheffield, Mass.  He even has a gear list on his website. Every detail of his equipment was unique. I was fascinated by his hand-inscribed titanium drinking cup.

He is an artist and a blogger and writes a compelling story of his trek. According to his business card (I said he was well-equipped) he has a book in progress.

He seems to attract bloggers, or perhaps it’s the other way around. Sean, the Tech Monk, came out of temporary retirement to blog about his recent meeting with Jesse.

I don’t know if Jesse will find himself through this journey, but I find his writing compelling and hope to read his book when it comes out. For a sample of his work, you should check out this account of his stay in Floyd.

Jesse keeps a journal in his Moleskine notebook. This is a sketch of
the place in Floyd where Jesse spent one night with hospitable strangers:Moleskine

It will be interesting to follow his further adventures on his web site.

I wish him well, but I am happy I chose a different route for self-discovery when I was 42 years old. There must be something about the early forties that makes us suddenly jump the tracks and seek new horizons. Jesse gave up home and family to seek out his destiny. I did much the same and so did others I know.

Have any of you experienced this need to rewrite the orderly program of your life? Did it happen when you were in your early forties?


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