Building/moving to a new home – day 106

Next step – getting a Certificate of Occupancy

We enjoyed our visit this morning with Jimmy Whitten, Floyd County Building Inspector. Our plumbing and electrical work passed with only a few minor changes required to meet the new 2006 building code.

We have heat, hot and cold running water, and working toilets and showers. Our new LG refrigerator is installed and working, as is our new electric range.

The attic insulation was blown in this afternoon and the crawl space insulation will be installed tomorow. Phones are working and the Barista Expresso machine will be unpacked tomorrow. We are beginning to look like a first-class operation, instead of a refugee camp.

The only thing preventing us from moving in is a missing Certificate of Occupancy and that is a relatively simple matter. We need some sort of porch for the front door and a landing with handrails for the back door. We designed both this afternoon and the materials will start showing up tomorrow also.

We expect to satisfy all requirements and receive a CO by early next week.

Incidently, the installers from Blue Ridge Heating and Air showed up early this morning and came up with an elegantly simple solution for the faulty stove pipe installation. Tonight the stove pipe is completely vertical and satisfies all building code requirements. Our Floyd County Building Inspector was on hand and approved the solution they came up with. All’s well that ends well. This stove installation taught us a few good lessons and the most important was to trust our instincts. We should have also insisted on references.

By the way, for those who wonder if a medium-sized woodstove and a few electric heaters can heat a 1650 sq ft house satisfactorily and evenly, we were so warm today that we left the stove off. And that was before the insulation was blown in!

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