Building/moving to a new home – day 105

Finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

We now have water and hot water in the house, even though we don’t have working toilets yet and one of the showers will not turn off. We have three bedrooms with lush, thick carpets, although the house is not fully insulated yet. The outside lights and the closet doors are yet to be installed.

These discrepancies will vanish in the next few days as a final wave of Southern Heritage Homes contractors descend on the house to finish their contractual obligations. The Southern Heritage people build a good house and they respond quickly when a problem is pointed out to them.

The faulty stovepipe installation

I had a conversation with our county Building Inspector, Jimmy Whitten, and he agreed that we have an out-of-code installation. I called Bob Martin of Blue Ridge Heating and Air and I received a promise within minutes from the installer that he would come tomorrow and would remedy the problem.

Being the trusting soul that I am, I plan to watch every step of the repair while it is being done. Moving/enlarging a hole in a roof is not a project to be undertaken lightly. I may even photograph the process… 🙂

We are really settling in

I installed the mailbox today. Because of our online buying habits, we selected the largest freestanding mailbox available for residences. It has already aroused the envy of one of our contractors. This person had never seen a mailbox big enough for a dog kennel before.

It’s not over until they haul away the dumpster

I have been insisting on ordering a dumpster and one finally arrived. It is about the size of a WWII LST and is the largest available locally. It will easily hold all of our construction trash and I have invited friends to use it to dispose of those pesky appliances that can’t be handled by the normal trash disposal methods.

When I first mentioned getting a dumpster to my local contractors, they looked at me like I was a few beers short of a six-pack. They intimated that anyone with sense would simply burn whatever was left over after the house was built.

Since most of the trash is wet and covered with ice, I couldn’t see how I could burn it without using Napalm or something similar. I know dumpsters work well and are amazingly cheap. The decision was a no-brainer.

We plan to party when the dumpster leaves.

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