Building/moving to a new home – day 51

We are getting closer!

Lotsofspace2We are just days away from delivery of our new, "stick built in the factory", modular home. The four modules are still in the factory being wrapped for shipment. The roof trusses for the house are already delivered to the site.


At the construction site, a foundation has finally  risen out of the ground, just in time for the joining together of house modules and foundation. The concrete piers jut up like Stonehenge dolmens menhirs waiting for capstones to arrive. These piers will provide intermediate support points for the 28 and 36 foot long house modules.Foundation2
Our Windy Hollow Contractors, Bob and Karilemay, have temporarily switched from building the workshop to install sill plates on top of the foundation walls.

WindyhillconstructionYou see them here preparing a sill plate to fit over the anchor bolts sticking up out of the foundation. The sill plates are the last step required before the house modules can be delivered.

The garage/workshop now has a roof on it and is being wired for power. As you can see, I will finally have plenty of workspace. This adds 350 square feet of assembly area which will enable me to shorten my custom woodworking delivery times considerably. (My existing assembly area is about 15 square feet.)

ShopspaceI am currently using a 400 square foot two-car garage as a workshop and roll machines out into the driveway in order to work on larger projects, because my woodworking equipment takes up almost all of the available floor space. My dedicated assembly space will grow from 15 square feet to 350 square feet with this move and will have a dedicated 220 amp service.

Plenty of space and power. I can’t wait!

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