Blogging and your quality of life

If you are a blogger, consider this a thank you post. If you are not yet a blogger, this may prompt you to get started.

Bloggers go from periods of exuberant creativity and profound insights to long, morose soliloquies about their painfully dull existence. It may not be entertainment, but it is a living record of their quality of life and has more value than they realize.

The sanitized version of our lives is like some 1950’s image of how things are supposed to be and is hardly worth reading. Writing from the heart commands more interest than carefully edited and polished "press releases" on how our lives are going.

I know how much I enjoy the daily adventures of the bloggers that I follow closely.

Some are blogging buddies with whom I exchange emails. Other bloggers are living out adventures that I share vicariously but would not willingly experience again because they live in the fast lane of working and consulting for large corporations. Other bloggers live quiet lives in distant places where they make the best of what they have, raise responsible children, and provide inspiration to those they touch online.

The one thing in common is that these bloggers write from the heart. They communicate a passion and an attitude that is uniquely theirs alone. They share no creed and are scattered all over the planet. They are serene, vulgar, erudite and profane. They believe in many gods or none and their ages span seven decades.

Some make me laugh, some bring a tear to my eye, but all entertain me and educate me. Their number is legion and is continually growing. They add so much to my life that I feel compelled to give back the best that I can. You will see their links in the sidebars of this site.

I manage to find time in an increasingly busy schedule to read weblog posts that offer food for thought in conveniently sized portions. These can be stand-alone articles or a series of posts about a topic.

Whatever the format, the content is what keeps me coming back even when I don’t have the the time to spare. The posts that stay in my mind longest are those that evoke an emotional reaction.

Do the rest of you find this to be true?

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