We are moving to Floyd, VA

After almost a year of preparation, our house-building project has achieved critical mass and everything is beginning to happen at once.

Gretchen and I look forward to joining our blogging and non-blogging friends in Floyd before snow falls. The Ripples Weblog, Affordable Designs in Wood, and Bent Crow Press are moving down to Floyd, VA in less than 60 days if all goes well. 

The rapid transition from planning to moving is a direct result of deciding to build using a modular home. This builder takes about four weeks in the factory to construct a home and then another few weeks on site to finish the home by adding a roof structure, siding, and some interior details.

We were going to build in the Spring of 2006 until we were informed that material prices were becoming unstable due to the after-effects of Katrina. We made the decision yesterday to proceed immediately with the house and the factory in Rocky Mount, VA will begin construction Monday.

This sets off a chain of events which I will blog, because we are planning to work outside the box in several areas and I want to capture the lessons learned. I also want your advice and suggestions because we have a lot to accomplish in the next 60 days.

I hope to find a mover that offers moving pod service. Barring that, I hope to find a mover that will cause the least damage. Any current recommendations for movers in the south central Virginia area will be most appreciated.

We will be listing our current home this week and I have work to do to give the place more curb appeal. I will provide a link to the listing for those of you who have friends who are looking for a less stressful lifestyle.

Gretchen and I moved to Virginia from San Jose, CA in 2002, hoping to find acreage and high-speed internet connection. We found you could get either, but not both, so we settled on the wooded lakeside environment at Lake Monticello, VA. It offered the comforts of a gated community and a peaceful lifestyle where we could operate businesses from our home.

As time passed, this formerly rustic resort community has mutated into a clone of typical northern VA developments. It is still a charming place to live, but it is more like a manicured golf course community than an example of laid-back country living.

As a result, it is becoming an attractive bedroom community for people who commute to Charlottesville or Richmond and want gracious living at an extremely attractive price.

For home-based businesses, on the other hand, there is increasing pressure to minimize any visible evidence of business activity. Thus business expansion almost mandates a move to the countryside where land-buying pressure has driven prices sky high.

Our alternative was to find a community where land prices would allow us to achieve our earlier goal of enough acreage to put up a house and a workshop while allowing us to have high-speed internet access. Floyd County still offers that opportunity at a price we can afford.

Stay tuned for the rest of the saga.

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  1. Bob Martin says:

    Hi David,

    I am curious… you said that when you moved to Virginia in 2002 you could not find the combination of acreage along with broadband. Has that changed now? Can you get a fast connection in Floyd now?

    Good luck with the move!


  2. Jane Chin says:

    Good luck on the move, David, and on finding high speed internet. We have been banging our heads on Verizon DSL’s lack of service in our area, and we’re definitely a “city” and not a rural area. Apparently their facilities are over capacity where we’re moving to! To add insult to injury, after we switched to cable internet, Verizon DSL put an ad brochure on the door of our house, after telling us on the phone that they don’t service our area.

  3. Bob,

    Floyd is the only place we have found in Virginia where you can live far out in the country AND have high-speed internet. That is why we are moving there. We need acreage AND internet to get our work done.


    I’m sorry to hear that Redondo Beach is so under-serviced. I’m surprised that someone doesn’t offer point-to-point high speed links in that market.

    If Verizon is over-extended, there will be other ISPs offering competitive services in the very near future. I would suggest you don’t sign any long-term contracts, because the market will become very competitive in the near future. Keep looking and keep your options open.

    At least you can go running on the Strand to get your mind off your lack of internet service. There are some who would gladly forgo the internet entirely for that privilege! 🙂

  4. Welcome David and Gretchen as soon-to-be neighbors. Unlike the invasion of the property snatchers who descend on the county like locusts, seeking to clear cut ridgelines and develop more endless vistas of subdivision rooftops, you are doing it right, preserving the wooded areas and country feel of our county. We appreciate that.

    Note to Bob: Yes, you can get a fast DSL connection in Floyd County. I have a 3 mbps DSL line in my studio just outside Floyd and a 1.5 mbps line at home. Our local telephone cooperative has wired the county with fiber optic and is now delivering cable TV, video-on-demand and high speed internet over the phone lines.

  5. Marie says:

    Yay for me! You and Gretchen will be closer. Good luck with the move, building, etc…just be sure to keep your sense of humor throughout the ordeal and you will be ok. Just remember that I said that 🙂

  6. Stacy Hairfield says:

    We are a family of five that has grown weary of living in the city. We have family in the Hillsville area and have decided to move to Floyd. Our current home goes on the market this month and we have begun our search for a home in Floyd. We will operate a home based business and have to have high speed internet for this to work. (I found your blog because I was looking for high speed internet access in Floyd VA.)

    The reason I am writing this is to ask you if there are any tips on moving to Floyd you can provide. To be exact, is there anything you wish you would have known before you began your move? I preferr to learn by observing the challenges that other people have over come. Any advice will be appreciated and graciously considered.

    I am sure we will see you in the big town of Floyd, by Spring at the latest.

    Kind regards,

    S. Haifield

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