BlogAds logo redesign – revisited

What must be really frustrating
for the two or three people who took issue with Henry Copeland’s fast-track
methodology is that they were voicing valid concerns!

A logo design that will not scale without serious degradation or
does not suit some particular medium is a big problem! What they seemed
to have overlooked is that Henry got 30 finalists in a matter of weeks!
If he had gone the traditional route, they would still be in the middle
of hammering out an agenda for the first meeting.

Here is the shortlist of logos that Henry and the BlogAds staff feels will work for them.

Take a look and see if you agree or disagree. Remember, this company
has become a success in spite of a logo that violates all conventional
rules of brand identity except one: The logo is truly the "maker’s mark" and
there is five thousand years of agreement that the mark must let the
customer know who stands behind the product.

Here is the basic issue as I see it:

All Henry and crew need to do is make sure that the new logo does not create any confusion in customer’s minds.

Whether it goes on a T-shirt or hot-air balloon is a secondary
issue. I am sure that the BlogAds team and the winning designer will
handle these issues with a minimum of histrionics.

"Needs more cowbell?  Sure!"

This online collaboration in front of the entire blogosphere is one
hell of a way to shake down a design. Issues get immediate visibility,
but it works best when you have someone who is confident enough to shut
off discussion when he has heard enough to make a decision.

Check out the shortlist and see if they have a logo candidate that communicates BlogAds for you.

This exercise bears a lot of study for someone who is going into business for themselves. You will have to work out for yourself if brand identity is as important as the development and maintenance of the brand itself.


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