Life-changing moments…

When the door to a new business opportunity opens, some fortunate people seem to step through it easily and pick up a new life on the other side.

Others agonize, trapped by indecision and self-doubts, until the door of opportunity closes on them again.

Still others exultantly throw the door open and embrace their new challenge, only to find that their nearest and dearest are hanging back in disgust or dismay. They hear:

"You didn’t say we were going to live ___________!"

Fill in the blanks with your choice of: in Detroit… on Penobscot Bay…on a tramp steamer…so far away from mother.

Others find that long-awaited opportunities present themselves at inconvenient times: they just got promoted, the children are in a new school, they just met the person who is right for them, etc.

If you find yourself in the last three groups, your life is far more stressful than it needs to be, but there is a possibility that you might be able to do something about it.

First of all, you need to recognize that opportunity means change. If comfort is important to you, your choices of new opportunities are severely limited. A lot of people grumble about their jobs, marriages, and living quarters, but find any number of excuses to avoid changing any of them.

Life is all about recognizing the need to make changes and then making them. When you are part of a family group, it is wise to bring the rest of the group into the decision-making process. If your family does not support the changes needed to take advantage of a much-needed opportunity, you need to re-examine your priorities or the family’s priorities. In either case, you may have some hard decisions to make.

The people who find opportunities on every hand are those who keep themselves open to new opportunities. They don’t wish for opportunities, they create a mood that anticipates opportunity by remaining open-minded and ensuring that pursuit of opportunity is welcomed by their family group.

When children are raised in an environment where self-employment is well-understood and is respected, they also learn a wealth of information about discovery of business opportunities.

Developing a plan to improve your live and the life of your family is not a one-shot deal. Get everyone involved and things will either go far more smoothly, or you will discover what sources of counter-intention exist in your family. Either way, you will be closer to a resolution than before.

If you keep looking for life-changing moments that never seem to appear, try examining your readiness to accept change. When you are actually ready for a change to occur in your life, it is almost as though the universe seems to get it, and your opportunity appears.

Hope you have some pleasant life-changing moments this week.

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