Carnival of the Vanities #149

There is a lot of interesting writing this week in the Carnival of the Vanities #149,  which is being hosted by Melinama at  Pratie

Melinama bills Pratie Place as: "Reflections and news, primarily from the previous millennium. Because I can’t keep up."  This would seem to be true as she seems to resist hosting carnival entries that she doesn’t agree with.

Seems to me that when you agree to host a carnival, you need to be a host, not an editor, but that’s just my take on it. A carnival host gets the benefit of a lot of new traffic and it seems unkind to bite the hands that feed you.

Visit the Carnival of the Vanities, see a lot of interesting writing, and take time to read Melinama’s posts on her recent visits to small towns in Maine. There is something there for everyone,

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