Your Human Existence

You are not just a meat body; you are an immortal spirit having a human existence. I would like to share what I have discovered about our human existence in the hopes that we can discuss the benefits and risks of spirits picking up bodies and assuming a human existence. 

Human existence can be a trap if you are persuaded to forget you are a spirit.

My 40 years of research into the realm beyond the five human senses have been condensed into a Spiritual Rescue Technology, which can help you regain your full spiritual powers and play the best possible game of being a human being.

You were a spirit before you decided to pick up a human body, and most of my research has been directed into the three Spiritual Rescue Technology books which document your abilities as a spirit. BOOK ONEBOOK TWO, and BOOK THREE

These books also contain the processes by which you can help spirits, heal bodies, and resolve long-standing problems with your life and the lives of others. I have been using this technology to provide counseling services to clients on five continents and to teach others to deliver spiritual healing to themselves and others.

Working with a team of clients and volunteers, I have learned how to increase our spiritual abilities and how to take responsibility for the management of our daily lives, but until now, we have not put a lot of attention onto the task of optimizing our human existence or even recognizing its relationship to our spiritual existence.

We are spirits capable of being in any physical location by considering that we are so located. We are capable of moving in time and influencing other spirits and much, much more. Some of us pick up living bodies and assume the beingness appropriate to that body. This discussion applies only to human bodies, but spirits are not limited to the type or species of body they decide to inhabit.

There is a misconception that spirits are human. Every living thing is animated by a spiritual being and radiates life force. All living things are influenced by admiration and other emotions. It is possible to communicate with spirits at all levels of awareness if you are properly trained.

The subject for this weekend is making your existence as a human being more effective and more pleasurable.

The material universe we occupy as human beings is the result of creation in the spiritual universe. Everything we can see, touch, taste, smell, or hear is the result of an intention and other actions in the spiritual universe. A spirit intends to create something, and it is created. Intention is an activity beyond the five senses and cannot be measured with material universe devices. We can easily observe and measure the RESULTS of intention, but not intention itself.

So, what does a human existence provide for an immortal spiritual being? It provides an almost unlimited opportunity for displaying creative activity and competitive skills, along with direct exposure to unlimited sensations of all kinds.

Spiritual beings appear to be immortal and have memories that predate the material universe. There is good reason to believe that spirits created the physical universe in every detail and the time in which it exists. This resulted in an enormous amount of space with things in it and an enormous span of time for the material universe to persist in. Stars can persist for 20 billion years, and planets persist for almost half that. The creation of so much material takes a lot of time and spiritual attention and captures the life force of the spirits involved for those extremely long periods of time.

Making anything persist takes continuing attention, so there is a benefit for spirits to create living things like bodies that offer a chance to fix and unfix attention at shorter intervals of time. Our current human bodies last for less than 100 years, which offers opportunities to put our spiritual attention on new things every century at the very least. Every new lifetime offers a chance to play a different game with different constraints and rewards.

An unfettered spirit, who is not having a human experience, can be anywhere in the material universe at will. This spiritual being can visit the heart of a star in a remote galaxy or can travel the streets of abandoned cities on planets, which the last living being left before Earth was inhabited. Such unfettered spirits are not bound to the needs of a living body and can roam the material universe and exist in any state of awareness that interests them. 

A spirit enjoying a human experience can roam the material universe by putting their attention on places they have been during their long existence also, but prolonged absence from caring for their body encourages other spirits to take over the body and become the dominant personality. Astral projection (or astral travel) is a term used to describe an intentional out-of-body experience in which the soul or consciousness separates from the physical body and travels outside it throughout the universe.. The idea of astral travel is ancient and occurs in multiple cultures. People often experience this state during illness or when involved in a near-death experience, but it is also possible to practice astral projection at will. As I mentioned earlier, this practice can have unexpected results as in possession of the body by other spirits.

Let us consider the obvious benefits to a human existence, where a spirit or spirits occupy and manage a body and present a personality to the material world. A human experience permits the direct receipt of many pleasant sensations as a body is equipped with a nervous system that translates the five human senses into pleasurable sensations when the stimulus occurs within certain limited frequency and dynamic ranges. Since the body is composed of living cells and each cell is capable of experiencing pleasurable sensations as it interacts with other living cells, a body serves as an amplifier of sensations over the direct perception of the material universe by a spiritual being.

A spiritual being can directly perceive the temperature of an object in the material universe or the texture or composition of a material substance, but evaluation of the substance with regard to being pleasurable or disgusting requires the multiple perceptions that a living body provides. Anyone who has been anesthetized for a period of time will understand the loss of perceptics that accompany such a state. When the body can no longer perceive any of the five human sensations, the spiritual being loses touch with the material universe to that extent. A being in a totally paralyzed body has only the perceptions of a disembodied spirit. From this simple example, you can see the sensory advantages of occupying a living body.

You can see the obvious advantages of occupying a living body and playing the game of life as a human. You get sensations, unlimited opportunities to create aesthetic effects, you can cooperate with bodies of the opposite sex to explore other sensations and create other bodies to share the game of life with you. You can organize other spirits in bodies to form organizations to dominate the material world and extend your reach into the material universe. Using physical bodies, your team can create effects on the material universe and transform planets.

Now, let us look at the negative effects of having a human experience. Prolonged exposure to the human experience and its many pleasurable sensations can make a spiritual being forget it is a spirit. There are many beings on Earth today that will swear they live only once and go to some special place once their body is dead. Some of these beings are so convinced of this tale that they linger at the grave where their body is buried, or where their body died, waiting for a call to a heavenly location or happy hunting ground.

Once a spirit is convinced they are actually a body, they can be controlled by threats to harm or deprive them of the body. They can be made to feel pain, fear, hunger, and other unpleasant sensations, and they can be hypnotized to believe they are a body and dependent on the existence of the body rather than the truth that they are in control of the body and completely independent of it.

If you have been able to follow the discussion this far, you should be able to see that human existence can be a trap if you are persuaded to forget you are a spirit. 

The threats are many, and the result is a kind of involuntary slavery. If you consider you are a body to be controlled by pain or threats, you will end up doing almost anything to maintain your hold on your body and present identification. Our current civilization has been dumbed down to recognize us only as bodies with limited lifespans. When John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln, he effectively halted Lincoln’s ability to directly affect history and incurred the wrath of many grieving citizens.

Lincoln and Booth are still with us, perhaps in other bodies, and their influence on history may still be in play. There are other beings, good and bad, who have influenced our history, and they are still with us either in spirit or occupying and being bodies. Those, like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who made the world a safer and saner place, and others like Joseph Stalin, and Adolph Hitler who changed the world in other ways, are all still with us as other identities. Even the crazies, like Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Ted Bundy are still with us, only in other guises.

What this means is that to ensure the future of humanity on this planet, we need to shift from killing the bodies of those who destroy others to handling the reasons these beings are stuck in a destructive pattern of behavior. Spiritual Rescue Technology provides the information and techniques for freeing beings from destructive behavior on a one by one basis. What we need are successful strategies for forming large groups to address this problem on a large enough scale to change history.

Perhaps the first step is to convince enough people that they are immortal spiritual beings having a human experience, not just human beings having a spiritual experience.

Knowing the difference is crucial to our recovery of awareness.

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Forecasting The Future – Part Two

To boil this down to the essential ingredients for success, the intentions of all concerned with the final result will determine what happens. If everyone involved is intending the same thing, that is what will happen. 

In a complex situation with many people involved, any counter-intention can have disastrous results. Inattention, carelessness, and lack of understanding can result in a disaster even though many people worked very hard to achieve a result.

On projects of a personal nature, pay close attention to any lack of cooperation or enthusiasm, and handle them immediately if you wish to achieve your goals. This applies to your personal feelings as well as the feelings of others. All intentions need to be aligned if you are to achieve the future you envision.

Al Leggett put it much more concisely: 

This is very coherent and a logical progression. Being able to envision the undertaking and/or final result comes next and can be helpful in getting agreement for the intention. Ultimately, a fused vision containing a high degree of agreement will create the greatest probability of success! 

In any event, the final result will be the product of all intentions for the activity. So if you are looking for the reason the activity or project went astray, look for the intention that the project would fail.

It is probably best if you locate and handle any counter-intention before you launch.

A reliable way to increase the chances of failure is to ignore all negative comments as the uninformed ranting of naysayers. You can vastly improve the chances of success by doing the laborious task of running down and dealing with every reason for the project to fail.

Engineers are professionally inclined to expect failure from unanticipated sources, as are experienced entrepreneurs. In both cases, their plans include consideration of the many reasons a project could fail, including things that are unknown as yet.

Politicians, on the other hand, tend to look on the bright side of things and fixate on good outcomes and not on the unthinkable outcomes that come from a maddened population. Marie Antionette certainly did not consider that her attitude toward the suffering of peasants would doom her and follow her down through history with the fictitious quote of, “Let them eat cake!”.

In other words, to forecast a possible future for yourself or your project, first assemble all of the benefits to be obtained from the project, and all of the reasons the project could succeed if all went well. If the facts you have gathered warrant proceeding with the project, then you should gather every possible reason the project could fail or be a bad idea and work out a solid solution for each of these reasons for failure.

If this seems like too much work, don’t do it as you are already setting yourself up for failure.

If you have solutions for every possible barrier to success, feel free to proceed cautiously and keep an eye out for the appearance of unexpected factors that could mean failure. One of the ways to anticipate unexpected modes of failure is to plan for a way to abort the project with as little damage as possible. If you cannot do that, you might end up with a Challenger disaster. Engineers knew of serious design problems that were not being addressed, and there was no way to rescue the astronauts if anything went wrong. Everything had to work correctly, or the mission was doomed. And, that is what happened.

We always need to look at counter-intention to a project as a valid objection to proceeding with the project, not as an evil move by bad people. You can think of counter-intention as friction or as an obstacle. If you classify counter-intention as politically motivated intentions to harm, you have lost all objectivity and will not be able to assess the value of the information correctly. When management views voices of caution as enemy propaganda, the stage is set for a major loss and summary firings of those who participated in forging ahead with the project.

When you look carefully at counter-intention, you need to distinguish what it is based on. Is the objection based on the lack of approval by august bodies of experts or the lack of advanced degrees in the development group? Or is it based on the performance of similar models in the past?

Doctors fought tooth and nail to discredit Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, who was an early pioneer of antiseptic procedures. Doctors knew that it was not necessary to wash their hands between examining corpses and living patients. Everybody knows you need a college degree to become successful in business, but Bill Gates left Harvard after spending two years there to start Microsoft.

On the other hand, paying attention to the failures of earlier versions of what you are creating can pay huge dividends if you are willing to learn from their failures. When you look at why they failed or were not economically feasible, you will often find that the environment has changed enough that formerly unprofitable ventures are now economically feasible. Early automobiles were only useful to people who could travel with a mechanic and replace tires on the road. A modern car would not function on dirt roads with potholes and a distinct lack of charging stations. It is the interaction of good roads, service stations, wireless emergency communication, and satellite guidance systems for travelers that make modern road travel so convenient that your aged grandmother can do it.

The bottom line is that you can create a future event successfully if you can determine:

–what needs does it provide solutions for?

–Can it be done with the resources available?

–Will it provide an adequate return on the investment of time and energy?

–Can we provide solutions to every objection that has been raised to doing this event?

–Can we shut down the project safely if some major problem is discovered?

If you have been able to get this far, your project should be an unqualified success! Everyone you have recruited to help you should take credit in the accomplishment.

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Forecasting The Future

Events happen because someone intends for them to happen. An intention is a spiritual universe phenomenon that cannot be measured by science as it falls beyond the five human senses.

Every living being is capable of intention. When intentions are aligned, you get action. When intentions counter other intentions, you get conflict and a diminishing of the life force of living beings.

Living beings seem to be able to detect intention on the part of other living beings, whether these intentions are expressed visibly in the physical universe or not.

If you take a group of human beings and attempt to motivate them to perform some task, their performance will be determined by the amount of harmony in their intentions. If part of the group has intentions that oppose the intentions of the rest of the group, the result of the groups activity will be reduced by that amount.

It is not always easy to communicate the goals and purposes of a group within the group and this lack of communication will almost guarantee that there will be a misalignment of the intentions within the group. This misalignment occurs in groups of all sizes, from nations down to the individual with conflicting goals that he has not sorted out yet.

The existence of counter-intentions within groups and within the individual is well-documented, but the handlings for these counter-intentions are not as well understood. Basically, the counter-intentions need to be identified, and the reasons for their existence examined until a resolution can be achieved.

So, how does this discussion of intention and counter-intention relate to forecasting the future? Events happen because there is an intention for the event to happen. When a group of individuals intend something to happen and it doesn’t, there is a good reason why it did not happen. Some other individuals intended that there would be a different result. There may have been no outward sign of opposition, but there was a counter-intention that blocked the earlier intention.

Intentions do affect the physical universe, even those intentions that are not spoken aloud. Trying to create something positive in the presence of negative intentions will usually result in failure or unnecessary delays. The opposition can be passive or even extend to sabotage.

The necessity for alignment of intentions means that opposition needs to be fully handled before beginning work on any project. The requirements are the same, whether the project is an additional deck for the back of the house or an ambitious space program. There has to be a clear intention on the part of all concerned for the project to succeed and on how it will be done.

Sometimes the team running the project is in full agreement, but they have not secured agreement from the people who will be affected by the project. Cross country pipelines are an example of this type of incomplete planning, and the projects are delayed for years and occasionally shut down.

Some products are developed by a hard-working team that takes a bright idea, and working in total harmony creates a product that meets cost goals and can be efficiently manufactured. If that project team has not surveyed potential customers and market conditions, they may have a beautiful product they cannot sell. The Edsel automobile made by the Ford Motor Company is an example of this.

How does this information help us for projects and activities at the personal or family level? In each of the failed programs and projects mentioned above, there was counter-intention that surfaced early in the program and was brushed aside as being of no importance. The objections raised were judged to be of no significance.

Let’s take this problem and turn it inside out. What if we carefully documented and analyzed every opposition to our plans and worked out a solution BEFORE starting the detailed planning process?

Let us say we want to put in a highway or rapid transit line between two cities, We might want to gather all of the data that will justify the construction first, but we should handle all of the objections to building this highway before investing effort in the detailed design. Furthermore, we should be aware of any new objections to the construction of the project and handle the objections as they arise.

Let’s apply this principle to a much smaller problem, like starting your own business. Obviously, writing a business plan and getting it reviewed is a good step, but getting consensus from all of the people who will be working with you or affected by this business is necessary too. If you work out the problems of financing and location and what you will be selling with the people you will be working with and even those who will be your customers, you will be much more likely to be successful. Companies are not started in a vacuum. Someone has spotted a need and figured out how to satisfy that need in a way that will make money. Getting others to participate in this game removes much of the counter-intention and makes it more likely that the new business will succeed.

To boil this down to the essential ingredients for success, the intentions of all concerned with the final result will determine what happens. If everyone concerned is intending the same thing, that is what will happen.

In a complex situation with many people involved, any counter-intention can have disastrous results. Inattention, carelessness, and lack of understanding can result in a disaster even though many people worked very hard to achieve a result.

On projects of a personal nature, pay close attention to any lack of cooperation or enthusiasm, and handle them immediately if you wish to achieve your goals. This applies to your personal feelings as well as the feelings of others. All intentions need to be aligned if you are to achieve the future you envision.

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The Transformative Power of Admiration

When you introduce admiration into someone’s life, you transform it in ways we do not fully understand yet. This may be because admiration is a positive flow of life force energy.

We can observe that exchanging admiration is like exchanging life energy with both the recipient and the originator benefiting. Certainly, in our most intimate moments, we exchange admiration at a higher rate than usual, and those moments are often a high point of our existence.

In less intimate moments, we exchange admiration with our coworkers and friends, and these exchanges seem to bind us together for long periods of time. We tend to remember people we have admired and who admired us.

I have the feeling that admiration is a flow intended to create harmony, where hatred and distrust are destructive flows, designed to interrupt harmony.

Perhaps we should regard admiration as a life-giving flow and learn as much as we can about using it to create growth and peaceful expansion. We have seen that admiration will help plants flourish, and we know that admiration will increase a person’s desire to excel and produce better results, so possibly admiration might be the key to managing organizations of any size so that they continue to flourish and prosper.

In a group situation, a clear definition of what behavior is most admired makes it easy for group members to guide their own actions to receive the most admiration from others. If the group’s admiration is aligned with the best interests of the individual, harmony results, and the group acts as a well-organized team. If admiration is used as a control mechanism and is doled out only to those following a particular path, harmony will not result.

Arbitrarily depriving people of admiration to control them is like depriving them of life-giving food to punish them. Rewarding correct behavior with admiration is a natural encouragement and is more likely to produce positive results.

If you think of your power to admire people and other living things as the ability to grant life-giving energy to them, you may begin to understand the importance of using your admiration wisely and often. Granting life is truly a god-like power and benefits all who receive it. Understanding this power and using it wisely will improve the lives of all who come in contact with you.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to bring joy into the lives of all those you touch? Admiration might enable you to do that.

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