It Is Necessary To Be Aware Of Evil But Do Not Wallow In It

I am proud to know those of you who are constantly detecting and fighting evil, but I need to have you look at how you are managing your crusades. Crusaders and whistleblowers are essential for the preservation of liberty and real justice for all so take a good look at your life force and notice whether it is waxing or waning. If you are conducting your campaigns and your life in such a way that you are angry most of the time, you are seriously affecting your health and your sanity as well.

Medieval knight over stormy sky.

A steady diet of observing and reporting on evil will put you into an emotional tone level that is not prosurvival and the reason is that this activity ATTRACTS spirits who are into rage and frustration, etc. Your emotions and your health are affected by the spirits you attract and you attract spirits who are interested in what you are doing. That is why any activity which focuses on revenge or punishment will turn you into a sour and unhappy individual in time.

If your mission in life is to keep track of insanities and evil doings, you need to learn how to do this with a calm and positive attitude so that you can accomplish the change you desire without damaging yourself healthwise or emotionally.

If you can add some hilarity or even some sardonic humor to your observations, you may find that life will become more appealing. You might even consider looking for the amusing things about each disaster and be able to report on them without going down-tone. This is not easy but we attract spirits based on what we are reading and writing about. 

If you want to be accompanied by courageous and light-hearted spirits, vary your attitude and your reading habits. If you have ever looked at long-time Scientology critics, you will see what I mean. It has been a long time since any of them smiled and they look older than they should. They have damaged themselves fighting the insanity of Scientology in the way they have chosen. If they can find a way to lighten up, they could restore their original spirit of play and be healthier as well. The few who have kept a positive attitude while exposing the rot seem to be much healthier and are more fun to observe as well.

Those who are not fighting the Church but are still fighting their memories of the church are often in the same state. Images of evil treatment do not fade away without positive and caring counseling. People often get counseling for themselves but are unaware that most of the charge they feel is due to the emotional distress their spiritual companions have endured. My estimate as a long-time Spiritual Rescue Technology counselor is that at least 80% of your upset is due to upset spirit guides and other spiritual companions.

If you still are upset with your Scientology experience or with any other cult experience, you should see if solo sessions using my Solo Handbook will reduce your upset. If this is not a solution for you, message me at and we can set up a free introductory session.

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The Real Difference With SRT Counseling

Our spiritual teammates want to help your spiritual teammates. Life is a group activity here on this planet and you and your spiritual teammates can get real help and complete acknowledgment of your difficulties and your efforts to assist each other when Spiritual Rescue Technology counseling is used.

Gary Larson captured the ideal scene for any spiritual counseling effort in this cartoon and it was drawn before Spiritual Rescue Technology was developed.

One-on-one counseling is better than none, but a team helping team situation makes sure that no one is left out of the process. If this idea appeals to you, contact me at

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Life In A Meat Body Is Complicated

Most of you who are reading this article are immortal spirits animating meat bodies. Some of you may deny you are a spirit and claim immunity from responsibility by claiming you are only a meat body and will die and your soul will go to heaven. Good luck with that excuse! I feel that we made the decision to animate meat bodies a very long time ago and will have a hard time switching back to animating mechanical doll bodies that don’t need food.

As our planetary awareness continues to increase, we are going to see more news like this:

United Kingdom Declares Octopuses, Squids are Sentient beings – FUTURISM.COM

All living things are animated by spirits. You can verify that for yourself by simply communicating with them. Where Native American Indians were known to give thanks for the use of their animal prey, we give thanks to the barbecue master instead. This is one of the issues with wearing a meat body. It requires sustenance from living material of some sort. You may have decided that the spirits in plant life are somehow different than the spirits in animal life and have justified that eating plant life is better than eating animal life.

When a spirit makes a decision to animate a meat body, it is taking responsibility for its actions and its responsibility for the environment. A being can decide to be a predator or a spectator in life. Being grass and plant life carries no responsibility for other life forms, or for world peace, mortgages, alimony, or anything other than survival. You might say that being plant life means providing food to other life forms. Being a meat body means providing food for other life forms unless you are at the top of the food chain and then you resist being food for anything else.

We have made some decisions about eating animals based on their apparent intelligence which is why we don’t eat animals we consider pets. We get quite upset with cultures that raise these pets as food and try to rescue these animals when we discover they are being eaten. We get upset for the same reason when people eat other people, even in emergency situations, because eating intelligent life feels wrong.

So, if a being decides to be unintelligent and uncommunicative, we have decided that its body can be eaten. Those animals which take the time to communicate are now being taken off the approved food list. Pets, dolphins, communicative birds, and any animal showing intelligence are not considered food by most cultures.

On the other hand, there are human cultures that ate other humans to capture their spiritual attributes. Eating an enemy gave them the power and abilities of the enemy and is an extreme form of dominance.

And of course, there are insects who have decided that all living tissue is food without regard to who is animating it. They are spirits who have no responsibility for any other life than themselves and eat their kin as readily as they munch on us and any other living things.

Once you decide to animate a living body, you get the benefit of emotions and sensations but you need to consume other living things to survive. You get into all sorts of interesting agreements about who you can eat and you decide that beings below a certain level of intelligence can be food and those above that level are allies or opponents but not food.

If we decide to animate mechanical bodies again, we will avoid the food problem but may have trouble socializing with spirit eaters. We will still have spirit guides and other spirits to deal with so it will be interesting to see an android with emotional problems getting SRT processing to stay emotionally healthy.

We have some interesting things to look forward to in future lifetimes.

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Making Things Real

If one person has an idea and works out the details of how it could help him accomplish something he will eventually reach his goal and produce the results he wants if he persists long enough. If he shares his idea with others and they agree on the details that idea becomes more real than before, especially if they can produce the same results by using the idea. As more and more people learn about the idea and agree with it, the idea becomes more real and the results from using that idea are noticed by people who are outside the group.

This is the way ideas have an effect on the material universe. One person has an idea and others join in and make the idea a reality and others add to the reality. Here is an example.

Evolution of Helicopters

This also works on non-material actions that affect the material universe. A person communicates with spirits and causes an effect in the material universe like healing a body without surgery or medicines. Nobody can see how this person has done the healing, but the evidence is unmistakable and the affected person is healed and healthy when they were not so before.

Modern science scoffs and continues injecting people with germs and giving them poisonous compounds and removing organs to “heal” them because they cannot communicate with the cells of the body and perceive what is really wrong with the person.

Over time, the more aware physicians sense that spiritual healing has its points and we find practitioners in almost every field who communicate with spirits in some way. They are not blatant about it but I am finding more and more people using some form of spiritual communication in their practice.

In the field of counseling, we have come a long way from using prefrontal lobotomies to calm disturbed patients and there is more evidence of spiritual activity in the counseling field. Any practice like Acupuncture or Reiki that deals with body energies is manipulating the spirits that animate the body.

Practices like Spiritual Rescue Technology which involve direct communication with spirits can achieve the same effects with no physical contact with the body and at great distances between the practitioner and the patient. This activity is presently viewed with great suspicion and fear by some people but as we continue to heal at will and restore sanity to troubled people, the number of people who will become involved and begin to use these methods will increase.

As with all things considered unreal by the greater public, any efforts to heal physically or spiritually must be offered only to those who are willing to experience the help and will not be damaged if they are healed. Helping a cripple to walk again can be damaging to all concerned if being healed changes his life for the worst. Healing a person will cut off his illness benefits or his livelihood if he is a professional beggar. It may also mean that the person has to begin supporting his family now that he is well.

You, who are working with Spiritual Rescue Technology, are working with an open-ended set of possibilities and may run risks we have not even considered yet. We are rehabilitating the awareness and abilities of spirits in and out of bodies and we are barely able to envision what comes next. Some of us are aware of the potential for directly affecting material objects as well as the emotions of persons at great distances. The social effects of such abilities on a fairly wide scale have yet to be considered, but we had best prepare to take responsibility for whatever effects we create before we create them.

Forming an association of spirit workers with the mission of encouraging responsible spiritual activity may be a required step. You could think of it as a group of Responsible Light Workers who help make spiritual results real and non-threatening to the world around us. Membership would be extended to any and all light workers who recognize the danger of making spiritual and paranormal activity threatening. Promoting spiritual powers as teachable skills with commercial applications should be a part of the plan.

Eventually, we could set up schools and apprenticeships or internships to guide new practitioners to be successful and non-threatening. Learning to launch new spiritual practitioners successfully will be a big step to establishing a safer environment for spirit workers.

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