Remote Perception Workshop Today

Join us today, 1-3-21 at 12 noon EDT (New York Time) as we reach out to the Sphinx and see what spirits are ­still watching the area. We hope to see if any of the beings at this site need help and if any of the original intentions can be perceived. We would like to see if any spirit knows the history of the site, but we expect to pick up the emotions and attitudes of the spirits at the site.

We will be using our SRT reach and withdraw process and will coach any newcomers until they feel confident to participate.

Join us using your computer or smartphone using this link:

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Happy New Year from Me and Paul McCartney

I have long admired Paul for his talent and willingness to try new things. We are both trying new hairstyles for 2021. Since he is 7 years younger than me, he has more hair to work with, but I am doing the best I can with the hair I have left on my chin.
Paul is styling a man-bun-ponytail, and I am letting a beard grow. We are doing our part to save the environment from excess hair clippings.
I feel optimistic about our prospects for 2021. It will be a challenge, of course, but what new year has not been a surprise. I just hope we don’t encounter another flaming bag of dog poop on the front step like this last year. The good thing about adversity is that it presents unusual opportunities for learning how to cope, and if you are able to keep calm, you end up with valuable experience.
Gretchen and I have spent 2020 in our new Cary location, and we look forward to a mask-free 2021 if all goes well. Please stay in touch. If we can’t visit in person, we encourage you to visit us on Zoom, which works on computers and smartphones.
I am still delivering online personal and business counseling sessions and am now running remote perception workshops on the weekends where we visit different sites around the world and see what is happening there.
I am very interested in how you are doing and what you see occurring in this brand new year of 2021.
David St Lawrence
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Remote Perception Workshop – Visit The Great Sphinx of Giza This Sunday

Remote Perception Workshop – Visit The Great Sphinx of Giza This Sunday

We are going to visit the spirits inhabiting the Great Sphinx this Sunday and see what we can learn from them. The Sphinx sits in front of three great pyramids and is about 4500 years old. It was almost completely buried in the early 1800s when Napoleon Bonaparte’s soldiers used it for target practice.

It has been fully excavated and repaired since then and has been the subject of many expeditions and research projects. There are reports of secret rooms in the statue and passageways beneath it but our target this Sunday will be to contact the spirits guarding the Sphinx and to learn what they have to say to us.

I will be showing slides of the sphinx and the surrounding area so you can locate where you want to place your attention. Here is a recent aerial view to give you some idea of the current state of the statue.

If you are interested in developing your ability to communicate with spirits, join us this Sunday on Zoom. We will be holding a free workshop on Sunday at 12 noon EDT using this link:

Feel free to visit the Sphinx before then and communicate with anyone you find there.

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Join me for our second Remote Perception Workshop – Sunday, January 3, 2021

I will be hosting the second of three free workshops on Remote Perception on Sunday, January 3, 2021, at 12 noon EDT using this link: 

We will be visiting the Sphinx and the Pyramids on the Giza Plateau on the west bank of the Nile in Giza, Egypt. 

I will familiarize you with the area using recent photographs, and you will choose the areas that are easiest to reach. For those who have not joined us before, I will take you through the reach and withdraw process we use to acquire data from a remote location, and we will work together until you get confident in your ability to pervade a remote location and see what is happening there. 

We will be communicating with the spiritual beings in and around the area and will be comparing our perceptions each time we do a reach and withdraw cycle. As we are still developing the finer details of this Remote Perception activity, we will be concentrating on acquiring information regardless of which spirits are providing the information. If you are able to spot the source of the information, that will be very useful, but our primary interest is in gathering this information from the beings at this site:

  • Are there spirits willing to communicate with us?
  • Do any of the beings at this site need help?
  • What were the intentions regarding the creation of the site
  • Do they have any information on the origins of the creators of the site
  • Emotions and attitudes of all spirits at the site
  • Any history of the beings at the site
  • Information about any clusters of beings at the site

We expect to find beings in every state of awareness, from deep unconsciousness to mild interest. We have found that approaching spirits with caring communication and a willingness to admire what they are doing produces the best results. Reaching and withdrawing is a matter of placing your attention on something or someone in a caring way with a willingness to admire what you find. Then, when you have learned something from your reach, withdraw your attention in a gentle way and wait for the rest of the group to complete their reach and subsequent withdrawal of attention.

In your initial reach, you do not ask questions. You merely observe and see what you can perceive. Be polite. We are not a bunch of chattering tourists gawking at a group of natives. You are making contact with spirits who may never have encountered polite, respectful visitors before. They are spiritual beings, just like you, except that they have been stuck here due to some incident or by choice. As a result, it has been a very long time since they had a body and had a conversation with anyone.

If you are polite and respectful, you should have no problem picking up their thoughts and gathering information for the group. I will be writing up a report on this workshop and your observations will be included. Participating in these workshops will strengthen your telepathic ability and your knowledge of history.

Those of you who have already established a good connection with your personal collection of spiritual companions should review the purpose of the workshop with them and let me know if there are other pieces of information they would be interested in.

See you Sunday, January 3, 2021, at 12 noon EDT.

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