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I started blogging many years ago when I left Sun Microsystems and self published a book that has been downloaded many thousands of times. This book, Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day was intended for the professional employee who has had enough experience to observe that dedication and hard work are not always a guarantee of success, and wonders what can be done to even the playing field.

It is being made available again so that those of you who are struggling to overcome work-related difficulties will have every chance to set things right again, no matter what your current financial situation is.

I will be republishing Danger Quicksand as a Kindle book on and will make it available as a Kindle Unlimited version also.

Here is a sample chapter:

The Good Workplace

You are going to read about some destructive work environments later in this book, so I would like to start by describing what makes a good workplace and a healthy working environment. This description is based on actual observation of several excellent workplaces I was fortunate enough to experience.

Even though it is now years later, I still revere the managers and CEOs who created these working environments and held them together against all odds.

A good workplace makes you feel a sense of purpose when you enter it. You see busy people who still take time to smile and make you feel welcome.

You are part of a team or group that is small enough for you to easily approach your manager on a one-to-one basis and discuss matters openly. You have a group to call your own and are not a lone employee in a vast sea of other individuals. The organization consists of many small teams which are organized into larger and larger groups and divisions. I

n a good workplace, there is camaraderie within the group. Your manager inspires you to excel and your contributions are appropriately acknowledged. You are made to feel like a vital part of the group and you find yourself helping others at every opportunity.

Your manager knows what you are doing and communicates his expectations clearly. Your manager inspires respect and loyalty by his everyday actions. You feel great pride being in your particular group.

Finally, a good workplace is one in which you know you have a future and you work hard to create it. The culture is one which you wholeheartedly support.

Good workplaces are not invulnerable. They can be brought down by action from within or from outside. Since these good organizations often grow rapidly, they sometimes recruit those who do not respect the existing culture. These people can pervert the culture and destroy the company from within.

Do what you can to keep a good workplace thriving by maintaining the culture that makes it work. Once the culture is destroyed, it rarely can be restored.

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Webinar 8-25-19 Using SRT to Achieve Selective Behavioral Changes

Spiritual Rescue Technology can change a person’s behavior by freeing one or more of his spiritual companions from obsessive or compulsive behavior.

Compulsive behaviors are reactions to thoughts or events that a person is unable to stop or control. Obsessive thinking is an inability to gain control over recurrent, distressing thoughts and images.

We are all surrounded by beings who have been overwhelmed by life to the extent that they no longer choose to have bodies of their own. Instead, they choose to accompany us through our lives either as passive spectators or as active advisors. In either capacity, they tend to influence our behavior in greater or lesser degree.

How can you determine whether your behavior is being controlled by another being? Try changing the behavior in a significant way and see what happens. If you are controlling the behavior, an objective assessment of the behavior and its contribution to your survival will enable you to change the behavior to increase your survival potential.

If you struggle to change your behavior and are not able to do that, the behavior is being controlled by a spirit other than yourself. If you can stop some pleasurable behavior like smoking tobacco or marijuana, drinking alcoholic beverages, or taking recreational drugs, your behavior is under your control. If you cannot stop a particular behavior at will, you are being controlled by spirits.

I have found that one can achieve behavioral changes through spiritual counseling delivered by others and through Solo Spiritual Counseling sessions as well. For the sake of this webinar, I would like to discuss the steps we can use to change behavior in solo sessions.

Step 1. Identify the behavior you wish to change. This can be far more difficult than you might expect.

Step 2. Identify the source of the behavior. This can be very difficult.

Step 3. Locate the source of the behavior. This will bring a little relief as the location is spotted. In some cases, the source of the behavior will vanish on being spotted and your desire to continue the behavior vanishes. Do not overrun the process of this occurs. Note down any realizations when this occurs and end off the solo session.

Step 4. Choose an activity that was not possible before changing the behavior and do it until you feel confident that your behavior is permanently changed.

Step 5. If the urge to repeat the behavior returns, repeat Steps 1-4 until you are certain that you have changed the behavior.

Step 6. Share your successful actions with others in the SRT group.

We will be discussing this process in the webinar on Sunday 8-25-19.

Join me on Zoom at 12 noon Sunday 8-25-19 using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:

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Free Workshop – Using SRT To Change The Way People Feel About You

I have not put enough emphasis on the effects your spiritual companions create on others. If you have been successful in life, you have been focused enough that you have accomplished things even when your spiritual companions were working against you.

If you are not being successful, it is probably because your spiritual companions are acting in ways that scare people off.

Here are some clues that spirits are messing with your relationships:

  • The magic you used to have seems to be broken
  • When you reach out to people, they avoid you or fail to respond to your efforts to communicate.
  • People do not seem to like you as much as they used to.
  • You do not get much praise or admiration for the work you do

You may have reached a state of awareness that allows you to perceive when spirits are interfering with your thoughts, but it takes another level of awareness to perceive that your spirits are irritating and antagonizing the people you live and work with.

In this free workshop, you are going to get an education in detecting and handling the unseen factors that are ruining your career and social life.

Live it up. Join me Saturday at 12 noon EDT on Zoom using this link:

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Its Time To Use SRT To Change The Way People Feel About You

I have been stressing the need for you to get your spiritual companions to help you as that is the fastest way to achieve your goals in life.

I have not put enough emphasis on the effects your spiritual companions create on others. If you have been successful in life, you have been focused enough that you have accomplished things even when your spiritual companions were working against you.

An example of this is when you have been successful in business at the expense of failing relationships at home. Another example is when your business success fails for reasons that you cannot understand. You keep working harder and harder, but you are no longer able to attract clients or your existing clients seem to be loosing enthusiasm for you.

Basically, you are no longer able to generate enthusiasm in others for your ideas and people are not volunteering to help you as they have in the past. You may keep on working, but there is no joy in life and your prospects seem bleaker every week.

You do not feel that you have changed anything significant in what you are doing but nothing seems to work any more. If you were able to look at yourself dispassionately, you would say that the magic has gone out of your life, and it has.

You are so busy trying to make things go right, that you are failing to observe that the feelings of shame and grief you are experiencing are not yours.

Unless you understand Spiritual Rescue Technology, you will have no idea that most of the thoughts that torment you are being generated by spirits who accompany you through life and get terribly upset when something goes wrong. These spirits act like a Greek Chorus and make every mistake or rejection into an emotional disaster. A client presentation ends with no sale and it ruins your entire day. When someone does not return your call or email, it affects your ability to carry on. After a while, your phone stops ringing and no one responds to your ads and you don’t know why.

What you do not know is that other people can perceive your spiritual distress – and the spiritual distress of the beings surrounding you as well. If you are surrounded by sad beings desperately holding back feelings of grief or shame, everyone you know or meet will perceive that YOU are sad or griefy or feeling ashamed.

If you are looking for a doctor, lawyer, or any kind of professional help, would you feel confident in working with someone who projects grief or other lower emotions? Would you trust that this person could help you? Probably not.

A person can try to project enthusiasm, but if he or she is surrounded by despondent spirits, the enthusiasm feels false. A job hunter who has been rejected several times may still be desperately putting on a brave front, but their spiritual companions may be projecting fear and and desperation because of past rejections. That fear and desperation is the first thing that a potential employer spots and can ruin any chance of developing a working relationship.

It takes very few SRT sessions to raise your awareness of the spirits affecting you and thus enabling you to detect and handle those who are being disturbed by the challenges you face. In the beginning, you will find it best to work with a spiritual counselor who can set your disturbed spirits free and leave you calm and focused and able to accomplish difficult tasks with ease.

After you have studied the SRT materials for a while, you may find that you can augment your spiritual counseling with solo sessions based on the SRT materials. Self employed professionals have found that a short period of intensive counseling to get themselves back on track followed by weekly sessions to deal with problem areas that come up results in steadily increasing income and far more enjoyment of life.

A person’s future is created through intention. Conventional career literature has promoted the value of focused intention for many years. From the works of Napoleon Hill to Anthony Robbins to Malcolm Gladwell, we learn the value of intending what we want to achieve and the many strategies for making this happen.

From SRT we learn that the beings surrounding us have intentions too and they are not necessarily aligned with our intentions. Handling the painful past incidents that have affected our spiritual companions unsticks them from these troubling incidents and they are free to participate enthusiastically in whatever we are doing. When we want to handle a challenge, it is so much easier when our spiritual companions are up for the challenge rather than cowering in fear.

When you are enthusiastic and your spiritual companions are enthusiastic too, there is very little that will stand in your way.

We will be holding a free workshop on Saturday and a webinar on Sunday to discuss this very important matter.

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