SRT Remote Perception Explained

To avoid confusion with Coordinate Remote Viewing, CRV, as defined by its creator Paul H Smith in 1998, I will be using the term SRT Remote Perception to describe the acquiring of information from remote locations by spiritual means using Spiritual Rescue Technology.

SRT Remote Perception enables a trained person to contact spiritual beings in remote locations and gather data from them about the area, its occupants, and their intentions, attentions, distribution of life forces, emotional tone levels. It involves the use of telepathy and other abilities beyond the five human senses to communicate with spirits and can be done in a solo session or as part of a group activity.

SRT remote perception can be developed through training, but there are many people who are capable of reaching out to remote locations and perceiving what is going on at those locations. Users of Spiritual Rescue Technology are encouraged to find better ways of accomplishing communication with spirits and gathering of information from remote locations in space and from times in the past and future.

SRT Remote Perception does not bar a person from gathering data about remote locations and times by any other means they can devise. We refuse to claim that we are the sole source of knowledge on this topic.

SRT Remote Perception is not the ONE TRUE FAITH that can only be performed in a special room with appropriate forms and acknowledgment to the founders who did it this way. If you can gather information from some remote location by consulting your morning grapefruit, I would only have one question. “How can I duplicate your observation, and does it make any difference what kind of grapefruit I use?”

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we communicate with spirits, and distance has not proven to be a barrier to this communication. If we put attention on a location and look for life force in that area, we should be able to contact the beings involved if we use caring communication. Once we are in contact with the beings, we should be able to ask them to provide information about that area if we mind our manners and can coax them to respond to us. When we have done this before, the spirits we contacted were most cooperative as our communication was a welcome break in their routines.

SRT Remote Perception is an augmented form of Reach and Withdraw processing where a person puts their attention on something or someone and pervades that area until they have learned something new. They then withdraw their attention and review what they have observed and learned. This is repeated until the observer has had a realization about the person of area perceived and has experienced a release of attention or has gained an ability. When done properly, there is an increase of life force energy in the observer and possibly in the target.

In conclusion, SRT Remote Perception is a spiritual activity utilizing telepathy and other abilities beyond the five human senses to communicate with spirits in other places and times and can be done in solo sessions or as part of a group activity.

It has nothing to do with neurons, synapses, nerve cells, or left and right brain concepts, which are essential to understanding CRV Remote Viewing according to the Coordinate Remote Viewing Manual. We are highly indebted to those pioneers who made Remote Viewing a household word, and we recognize their contributions without being limited to what they were able to do and how they did it.

SRT Remote Perception is a completely spiritual activity and involves communication with spirits in distant locations and times. It can be taught, and it can also be learned as a solo activity by a dedicated student.

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DIY Remote Viewing – You Might Even Touch Base With The Family On The Holidays

After carefully reading the manual for CRM Remote Viewing on the Internet, ( manual full.pdf) I realized that we can achieve similar results by using spirit intermediaries and SRT Reach and Withdraw processes. We are using telepathic communication as we do in regular SRT sessions. We are not using our far-seeing abilities, we are communicating with the beings who are at that location. We have done this repeatedly in the past, but we were not being cautious enough. Reading the CRV material has made us aware of risks we can avoid by selecting safer targets.

We can work with spirits by doing a supervised SRT Reach and Withdraw process following the following rules:

  1. Use a well trained SRT user as your guide until you can get reliable results every session.
  2. Meditate until your mind is clear and calm before attempting to do a remote viewing session.
  3. In the beginning, choose targets where you would be welcome as a visitor if you showed up in person.
  4. Discuss the purpose of your remote viewing activity with your guide and get his agreement on what you intend to do.
  5. Realize that your best results will come from contacting disembodied spirits who are monitoring the area or the person you wish to observe.
  6. Finding the disembodied spirits who are directly monitoring a person you care for will give you immediate information about that person’s emotions and intentions. You may be able to contact the person directly, but they will usually have their attention on what they are doing and may not have enough free attention to perceive that you are trying to contact them.
  7. You will be using the spirits in the area as your local observers, and your best results will come when you use caring communication and are polite and cheerful. You will be reaching for them and withdrawing from them during the session. I would not advise doing any out-of-body activity and placing yourself in the area unless you are invited.
  8. You will get better results if you have prepared a list of questions beforehand and have discussed them with your guide. This will help you stay on track during the session.
  9. Your reaching and withdrawing should go like this: You place your attention on the spirits in the space around the person you are trying to reach. If you are reaching out to a location and not a particular person, place your attention on the life force in that area and ask for permission to speak to it. In most cases, you will get an immediate response if you ask in a caring way. If you get a negative response to your request, ask why in a caring way, and you will almost always get a reason which will allow you to continue the conversation.
  10. Each time you place your attention on the being, you keep it there until you get a response or a realization of some sort. When that happens, withdraw your attention and discover what you have learned. If you are working with a guide, discuss what you have learned and proceed to the next question. The guide will be able to tell when you are ready to ask the next question and can help you stay focused as the conversation continues. Doing remote viewing without a guide or a list of questions can be distracting.
  11. You are welcome to ask any questions you wish in a remote viewing session, but here are some suggestions to get information with no wasted time.
    1. Always Use Caring Communication, whether you are speaking to the spirit with your voice or using telepathic communication.
    2. Notice the emotions of the spirits you contact
    3. Adjust your questions based on their emotions
    4. Ascertain the intentions of the spirits you are contacting. Are they intending to help you or the person you are interested in?
    5. If they start sharing information, DO NOT INTERRUPT THEM. Once they start communicating, let them say everything they have to say. Be sure and acknowledge them before asking another question.
    6. You can ask them what they see, and you may get mental image pictures of what is going on.
    7. If you communicate that you are trying to help in some way, the beings will be more helpful to you. For example, if you are trying to “see” the interior of some church or other location, asking the spirit to give you a view so you can understand it better may work better than asking it to look in a particular direction.
    8. You may get the best results by asking the being to describe the location or even asking it how does it make you feel?
  12. If you develop your skills at remote viewing, you will be able to stay connected to your loved ones, and you may even be able to connect to them directly. The first place to start is to connect up with their spiritual companions and establish a rapport with them. Eventually, your loved one may feel your presence, and you can start talking to them directly. Even if you don’t connect directly, they will pick up on the emotions of their spirits and will be more favorably inclined to you. When you finally get a chance to talk to them on the phone or Skype, you will probably hear them say, “I was just thinking of you!
  13. There is another good reason to establish a communication line with your loved ones through remote viewing, and that is once it is developed, you will have a better emotional connection with them, and you will be aware of how they are doing most of the time. You will know without checking on them whether they are doing well or in trouble. You are not limited to one connection either. You will develop a continuing awareness of the people you are connected to. In our changing world, that can bring about peace of mind.

With lockdowns and pandemics, this can be a stressful holiday season. See if you can reach out to your family members and establish a loving connection to them and their spiritual companions.

Do your part to spread joy to the world!

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Reminder – Webinar Saturday 12-19-20 – Remote Viewing Of Alien Activity

This webinar will provide you with information that should allow you to connect the dots regarding the existence of aliens and what they are doing. Many different people have been doing remote viewing over the years and I have slides with their notes that should give you a better understanding of what has been going on for the last 80 years.

I will try to give you an understanding of remote viewing as it is currently practiced and will relate it to our SRT Reach and Withdraw processes. Now that I understand what is being done elsewhere and what the risks are, I feel we can do some SRT remote viewing with a few preparatory exercises.

Join me Saturday on Zoom at 12 noon EDT using this link:

The Webinar Donation is $10 and you can use this link:

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Remote Viewing Is An Exciting Ability – Use It Carefully


Some readers may feel I have been warning you away from remote viewing. I am sorry if I gave anyone that impression. Remote viewing has hundreds of applications and can even lead to a gainful occupation for those who develop their ability to find things through remote viewing.

Remote viewing connects you psychically to individuals, and in some cases, the target becomes aware that you are looking at them. This is like trying to peek in on a Zoom conference and finding yourself visible to the host.

In remote viewing, as in almost every spiritual connection, your intention is communicated to the target area and all individuals in that area.

If your intention is to achieve caring communication, that will be what the target spirits experience. If you are viewing with hostile intent, your target will pick that up also. If you are trying to spy on someone, that intention will be sensed by those in the target area also.

If your intent is to spy on aliens, I think you will find that they will pick up on your activities and may retaliate in some way. If you are truly attempting to do a friendly exchange, you may learn something useful from your remote viewing activity.

There are many different groups practicing remote viewing today. Choose the group that is aligned with your purposes. You might want to choose targets that do not pose threats to your personal safety. Otherwise, you will run into targets that view your ability to remote view their activity as trespassing. Snooping on aliens or domestic black ops groups could very well be hazardous to your health. Our government does not let us visit Area 51 or any of the other super-secret activities, so why would they allow us to snoop on their activities with remote viewing?

Remote viewing and telepathy are quite real, so why do you think that government agencies here and abroad have not already put those abilities to use? If a civilization uses advanced technology like spaceflight and mind control, snooping on their activities is not going to go unnoticed.

I suggest that you satisfy your desire to do remote viewing with targets that cannot track you down and damage you. There are plenty of targets that will provide a needed service to our civilization and may provide financial rewards if you have the skill. Consider finding lost children, missing people, sunken ships, and buried treasures. If your remote viewing abilities are up to the challenge, there are many ways to apply them.

Poking aliens or hostile government agencies is best left to those who get paid to do dangerous things. Use your remote viewing talents to help those you know and love.

If you find that you have stumbled onto a target that has left you feeling strange and uncomfortable, I can do something about that. Give me a shout, and we will set up a session to handle what has happened.

David St Lawrence

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