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Faraway Places…

I am working almost 12 hours a day right now, so I am reposting an essay from simpler times when I had more time to write.

David-Gretchen-92100When I look back at the beautiful places I have been privileged to visit, I realize that my memories of these trips have been distilled over time to a few bright images, not all of which have been caught with a camera. Click on image to enlarge

I treasure the moments of breathtaking beauty from our visits to
Kauai, Maui, Oahu, and Hawaii which were enhanced by the
warm welcome we received from tourist-savvy natives.

Sometimes the single lasting memory is of a happy moment spent with a loved one. Some of these moments were captured by helpful passing strangers, like this shot of Gretchen and me on a beautiful and isolated north coast road on the Island of Maui.

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Artist Laurelsong Cook at the Cafe del Sol

This powerful image is just one of many paintings by Laurelsong Cook that have just been put on display at the Cafe del Sol, in Floyd, Virginia. I have a great affinity for Hawaii and Laurelsong’s painting evoke memories of … Continue reading

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