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What do people want that I can produce?

That question alone may bring about a reality adjustment on the part of a job-seeker. When I first asked myself that back in 1976, it completely changed the way I looked at employment. Up until that point, I was taking … Continue reading

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WARNING – Beware of Phone Phishing!

Gretchen received a call on her cell phone this morning from a woman who claimed to be calling from our mortgage Company. This was not a legitimate call. It was "phone phishing", which is an attempt at identity theft. Phone … Continue reading

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Clueless law firm takes client JL Kirk down the chute

(Welcome, Instapundit readers!) JL Kirk is the kind of executive recruiting firm I would warn readers to avoid at any costs. Their operating procedure is to interview you and charge you thousands of dollars and help you write a resume … Continue reading

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It must be Spring, the scammers are out in force again

There are more scams than ever this year. In addition to the ever-present Nigerian Letter scammer, there are now scammers who prey on artists and craftspersons. The latest to hit Floyd is the scammer who offers top dollar for art … Continue reading

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