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The dark side of modern technology

Technology allows us to do more in less time than ever before, but there is a price to pay, especially when we try to upgrade a working system to another level of capability. That’s when we have to look under the hood and our complacency is often shattered.

I spent the last two days installing a secure wireless network in my home and my workplace. This was not bleeding edge technology because I deliberately chose a two year old model in hopes that the product would be properly sorted out.

I Googled for evidence of problems and found plenty, but most of the complaints were several years old. Recent installations seemed to have gone well, so I chose a TRENDnet wireless router and hoped for the best.

I knew I was in trouble when the Network Wizard software that was shipped with the router failed to recognize the router. This "Network Wizard" was supposed to handle all of the messy details of the installation and couldn’t even start. The installation went downhill from there.

I have had root canal procedures that were easier to experience…

I would have much preferred to follow the example of this cat and spend the time snoozing.

Instead, I subjected myself to another "learning experience" which resulted in me working furiously to get a system working instead of having a pleasant weekend with friends and family.

Those of you who are considering adding wireless capability to your home computer network might be interested in what happened. Continue reading after the jump.

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