This Free Book Will Change Your Life

If you read this book you will learn about spirits you can talk to safely and spiritual practices to avoid if you wish to retain your sanity. You can read many session examples showing handling spirits who affect your life and control your actions. You will also read session examples showing how spiritual possession is handled and how walk-ins who take over a person are handled. The data in this book will allow you to take control of your life in ways you will not find elsewhere.

I wrote this book five years ago with the help of a wonderful group of friends. If you read this book, some of you will be able to use Spiritual Rescue Technology on yourself and others without my assistance. I know this because I keep hearing from SRT users I have never spoken to personally. After you have read this book, if you would like my assistance in using SRT, I will give you a free introductory session in which you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with your personal collection of spirits.

You can buy this book on Amazon, but you can download a free PDF copy from this link:

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Create A Spiritual Family

If you think of yourself and your spirits as a family, you will be able to co-create a future with better success. A family is a social unit formed for mutual protection and support. If you say to your spiritual companions that you consider them family, I can almost guarantee that this will make them feel happy.

There is great power in identifying your group of spirits as a family instead of merely companions or guides. Only a family has names for all of the different relationships that exist between you and the spirits who have chosen to bond and associate with you.

A spiritual family is not connected by bonds of blood but by agreements for the co-creation of a future existence which involves mutual protection and support. Those of us who are communicating with spirits daily find new reasons to form kinships with the spirits we meet. Kinship, in this usage, means a feeling of being close enough or similar enough to others that we will support them and protect them. They are the beings we desire to co-create a future with.

The group of spirits traveling with you needs a unifying purpose and if you do not inform them they are family, they can remain an unruly mob working at cross-purposes. Simply informing your spirits they are part of a family seems to bring them into present time and make them instantly cheerful. At this point, they usually begin to organize themselves to act as a family, and changes occur without you being involved in every decision that is being made.

(I am leaving this with you guys to ferment and produce usable rules for the future)

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Give Free Introductory Sessions For Successful Spiritual Counseling

If you intend to provide spiritual counseling of any kind, it is a good idea to give your new client a free introductory session because there are unexpected barriers to counseling success when it comes to dealing with spirits. A session where you discuss the client’s goals and assess their ability to perceive spirits will save you hours of wasted effort trying to help them achieve elusive results.

Here are some of the barriers to successful SRT spiritual counseling that make results difficult to achieve.

  1. The client only wants to see what you can do
  2. The client thinks they are a body and that they have a spirit given to them by God or some other agency.
  3. The client only wants to see what you can do
  4. The client is eager to get spiritual help but is being controlled by spirits that do not want to be revealed.
  5. The client has experience with other spiritual practices but is unable to see spirits
  6. The client has put up a mental shield so you cannot see into their body.

A free introductory discussion will quickly reveal whether any of the first four barriers exist and a short Spiritual Rescue Technology session will reveal whether the last two barriers exist.

When a person is interested in spiritual counseling or healing, everything they put their attention on is lit up as if by a spotlight. I am able to follow their attention and easily pick out troubled spirits to communicate with. If a person has other intentions, they will not illuminate problem areas properly.

I had a session recently with a person with a great deal of experience in other spiritual practices. The person wanted SRT healing, but I found that it was difficult to see inside the person’s body. The images were so dim that it was difficult to make out clusters and I could not see single beings at all. The person either could not focus their attention or was uncertain what attention was. I was able to handle two clusters, but it was like working in a fog. The client was interjecting comments about how much healing experience they had during the session so the problem may have been an inability to control their attention.

A distracted client is far different than a client with a psychic barrier like a full-body shield. A full body shield makes the body opaque to psychic scanning and all you see as a practitioner is a shining body outline as if the body was a futuristic robot. This particular shield had been put up by the client’s spiritual teammates as an automatic defense system. The client was not even aware of the shield until I pointed it out to him and he then took it down and we could go on with the session.

If you are not aware of these possibilities, you can think your psychic ability has failed you because you normally can spot spirits with no trouble. You can detect these problems with ease if you provide free introductory sessions as a regular practice.

Spiritual healing has often come under fire for not being reliable and that is because people are not aware that accidental or intentional barriers to spiritual activity can be raised by clients and their spiritual companions. A free introductory session can detect and handle these barriers and ensures that your reputation remains unblemished by embarrassing failures. Your clients need to be interested and have enough awareness to detect spirits or you will be wasting your time and theirs.

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Latest Update On SRT Healing Sessions

I apologize for not posting articles for the past few days. I have been delivering back-to-back SRT healing sessions on chronic conditions and can confirm for you that any injury or illness that is not progressing normally is being held there by spirits. This includes cancer, diabetes, emphysema, sinus issues, post-nasal drip, and bad eyesight so far. In every case, there is a cluster of beings who have collected there to reminisce about their own disease or injury or to enforce the condition on the person as a punishment for something the person has done in a past life.

Those of you who are spiritually aware can check this out by examining an injury site or a sore that does not heal and checking for the emotion surrounding the area. You will find every emotion from anger down to apathy emanating from the site and sensations from the site will increase or decrease depending on how you put your attention on the site. Your attention may disturb the beings working on the site and this can change the level of the sensation generated. You will not be able to contact the beings responsible using any previous healing process.

I have been exchanging session actions with the people receiving these sessions and I can report that the healing is quite different from any spiritual healing I have ever done or received before. I have done and received years of Scientology, Dianetics, and SRT sessions, and the beings involved in these chronic illnesses did not respond to any of these practices. The people winning upon receiving these sessions range from highly trained Scientology auditors and Esperian phasers to raw public who have never had a session of any kind.

Healing these chronic illnesses and infirmities requires a different level of perception than we have been using before but once a person has been exposed to this perception in action, their level of perception changes and they are reporting situations they were never able to see before. I have the feeling that this heightened level of perception is something we all used to have and we shut it down for some reason. The increased perception is not limited to illness and injuries but includes spiritual activities of all kinds. Evidently, this kind of spiritual healing kicks our natural psychic abilities into a higher gear than before.

I have one last thing to report. Both counselors and clients are perceiving beings and things in other dimensions and alternate universes which have been the subject of sci-fi stories and legends for many years. This is not a matter of conjecture or belief, when we address the beings from these other places, we are able to handle them with SRT processing and get them to remove their activity from the wound or injury site. I am happy to share our SRT healing process knowledge with any spiritual practitioners as I feel this will accelerate the acceptance of spiritual knowledge by interested public.

If this is an activity and a skill that meets your needs, please send me an email at:

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