When Your Goals Need A Course Correction

How many of you are running on outdated goals? Take a look and see if any of these situations apply to you.

Are you are still being a parent bringing up a child?

  • Your child is married with children and does not appreciate your advice.
  • Your child is 30 years old and does not appreciate your advice.
  • Your child is 60 years old and does not appreciate your advice.

Are you working at a job you do not enjoy trying to prove yourself to your management?

  • Your advice is not appreciated
  • You are afraid of being fired
  • You feel miserable

Is there more effort than joy in your life?

  • It has been a long time since anyone thanked you for your help.
  • Nobody admires you and tells you that you are important to them.
  • You receive far more criticism than praise for your efforts.
  • The only one happy to see you at the end of the day is your pet.

It may seem like I am describing a life where nobody likes you and is treating you unfairly, but it is far more likely that you are operating on outdated or unwanted goals. When you start a new activity, whether it is a new relationship, becoming a parent, or hiring on to a company as a new employee, you are taking on a challenge that will evolve over time.

If you do not adjust your expectations and responsibilities to match the changes occurring in those you associate with, your actions will generate less and less approval from others and your personal satisfaction and joy in life will eventually disappear. In every relationship, there is an expectation of a certain level of exchange and this expectation will change over time as people become more able or less able to contribute to the survival of the group. If communication within the group is suppressed or blocked for any reason, the exchanges between members become unbalanced and resentment and counter-intention occur. When counter-intention exists, there is no group agreement and the group actually ceases to exist as an entity with a positive goal.

This is the point at which the group needs to find a new goal to align on or the individual members need to find new goals that bring them joy and pursue them. When this is done, the individuals need to focus on their new goals and find others who share those goals. There should be no effort directed to making those with other goals wrong, all efforts should be directed toward achieving the new goals with closely aligned partners.

If you can manage this balancing act without criticizing the goals of others, you will find joy in what you are doing and satisfaction with your results. Achieving goals is an essential part of existence. If you are not achieving goals, your life will be empty of satisfaction. Consider a course adjustment to bring joy back into your life.

Many thanks to my wife, Gretchen, for suggesting this topic.

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Exchange in abundance means produce in abundance and try to give better than expected quality. Deliver and get paid for it, for sure, but deliver better than was ordered and more. Always try to write a better story than was expected; always try to deliver a better job than was ordered. Always try to and deliver a better result than what was hoped for.

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Intention: A Most Misunderstood Word

Intention is what causes results. Things happen when enough people intend them to happen. Things don’t happen when enough people don’t intend them to happen.

Intention is a spiritual thing. It is only produced by spirits. Everything in the material universe, including the material universe itself, is caused by intention.




Unfortunately, many of you do not have a clear idea of intention because you think you are intending things on your own. That is not the case! You are surrounded by spirits and they constantly contribute their intentions to yours and their intentions are not necessarily coordinated with your intentions.

You sit down at your desk to do some work and some of your spirits want to check your email first. Other spirits want to see what is posted on Facebook or Medium and you find yourself diverting to read internet messages before or instead of doing the work you promised to do.

At every moment of the day and night, you have thoughts regarding tasks you are doing and these are intentions, flowing one after another; Wake up, wash your face, make coffee, check your schedule, handle email, etc., etc. At the same time you are being barraged by intentions from your spiritual companions; shave, write an article, pay credit card bills, how to make more money, why does my stomach hurt?,

Occasionally, you take control of the flow of intentions and get everyone focused on the most critical actions of the moment. When you do that, events move smoothly and you get things done without effort. As soon as you lose focus, you start multitasking again and your productivity slows done to a crawl. You will be busy, of course, but your productivity will disappear.

I am sorry to have to put this so bluntly, but you need to put your attention on one thing at a time and intend a result for that activity or you will continue to amble through life watching Tik Tok, and Facebook while wondering why you are not happy and productive. If you get dispersed by your wandering thoughts, you will probably feel sleepy and want a nap.

To break yourself from this disorganized rambling through life, you need to start doing those things that give you pleasure and focus your attention on getting them done. As you focus your intentions and eliminate any thoughts or intentions of a distracting nature, you will gain confidence in your ability to manage your spiritual companions and they will benefit by having a role to play and will learn how to align their intentions with yours to produce the results you want in life.

Some of your spirits are focused and sharp, others are unfocused and elsewhere, as shown in the image accompanying this article. If you wish to get something done, you need to call upon the spirits who want to help you and who will align with your intentions.

We will be holding a workshop this Sunday in which we will explore how to create the intentions you need to get things done.

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Can You Envision Yourself Entertaining Spirits?

Some of us have learned how to do this and it is the most fun we have had in years. When we are creating, we attract beings who want to observe and possibly contribute to our creation. It is just another example of the law of attraction at work and you can test this for yourselves if you wish.

The law of attraction states that like attracts like and when you create remarkable works of music, art, or even text, you will get assistance in the form of suggestions and inspiration from the spirits you have attracted. When you recognize their presence and acknowledge their assistance, they are inspired to continue their contributions. When you allow yourself to operate in this manner, there is a magical feeling that you can accomplish anything you wish and it is effortless!

This magical cooperation dos not occur in a vacuum. Those who tend to shout at spirits in order to have them comply will never experience the effortless flow of creation that occurs when spirits are carrying much of the load of creating something totally new from intention alone.

There has to be a caring relationship between you and the spirits who are helping you and this is helped if you understand what a spirit needs and wants that you are able to supply. When you learn to work with spirits and you are willing to let them help you create, you give them a purpose and a responsibility and you are making them a part of your team. This grants them importance and raises their morale.

Many disembodied spirits have attention stuck in some past incident and are4 essentially drifting through time with no real connection to present day activities. If you have ever spent hours scrolling through Facebook or browsing Instagram, you will have some idea how disembodied spirits with no purpose spend their time.

If you are aware of spirits and understand their capabilities, you will make use of their assistance wherever possible. After all they are immortal and have done everything you can imagine, so attracting spirits to help you learn the Zither or construct a flying hoverboard are tasks that only require you to put your attention on them and ask spirits for the help you need.

When you approach spirits in a caring way and find out what they need and want in order to help you, you will find your abilities expanding faster then you can imagine. You can help them and they can help you. This is a non-stop activity and I can testify that it only requires a sincere desire to accumulate spiritual helpers as part of your team and a willingness to view them as partners in your endeavors.

If this is a new concept for you, I suggest you get started by reading my book, Talking To Spirits, available on Amazon.com and available as a PDF download here: https://icedrive.net/s/vjP95CB6h57Y9f6x957PkgTvDvVA

Once you have had a chance to review my books and articles, you may wish to get started on working with spirits yourself. If you would like some assistance, and wish to arrange for a free introductory session, send me an email at srtcounseling@gmail.com

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