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Piltdown Man: Another Case in Which “The Science Is Settled”

Unearthed in a gravel pit at Piltdown in East Sussex and revealed to the outside world exactly a century ago, those shards of skull were part of a scientific scam that completely fooled leading palaeontologists. For decades they believed they … Continue reading

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We are invited to be the Earth Healers

I see that the Concerned Citizens Network has the solution to global warming, unemployment, and our huge deficit and it will only require a totalitarian government, presumably run by the CCN. For those of you who are skeptics and unbelievers, … Continue reading

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Domain Registry of America – Domain Renewal Scam Alert

Domain Renewal Scamming is a form of Domain slamming. Domain Registry of America is still up to their old tricks.  Domain slamming is a form of scam in which an internet service provider (ISP) or domain name registrar attempts to … Continue reading

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