If you own a pellet stove, you need to know Josh Muncy

A pellet stove is one of the most sophisticated wood-burning devices I have ever run across. It provides even heat under thermostatic control and you only load it once a day even in the coldest weather. That's the good part and is why so many owners swear by their pellet stoves.


Who-can-you-call Owning a pellet stove is somewhat like owning a Jaguar. The performance is marvelous, but you need to know a capable mechanic to keep it in tune. Once set up, they will run for months without needing maintenace, but they can fail on you without giving any warning.

Josh Muncy That's where Josh Muncy comes in. He lives in Floyd County, in the town of Check and he has recently set up his own HVAC business after years of working at Blue Ridge Heating and Air. Blue Ridge is known for having really good products but the main reason I patronized them was because  Josh did their servicing.

No matter what problem our pellet stove developed, Josh was able to diagnose and handle it. There were never any callbacks because something had stopped working again. If Josh fixed it, it stayed fixed. That has not been the case with any other service technician.

Josh Muncy has been a real life saver for us and I want to spread the word that he is still in the HVAC and pellet stove business but on his own terms.

If you depend on a pellet stove for heat and you live anywhere near Floyd or Montgomery Counties, you need to copy this card image and tape it to the lid of your pellet stove.


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