Arrghh! – Blogless in Floyd!

If you have ever gone on vacation with an inoperative camera, you will understand how it feels to be visiting Floyd County with an ailing laptop.

Fortunately, the Cafe Del Sol provides a free computer as well as free WiFi service, so I can post a few notes on our current state of affairs.

We have finally succumbed to the lure of Floyd County and acquired some land near the Blue Ridge parkway. Now we begin the wonderful adventure of clearing land and building a house. That should occupy our free time for the next year, no doubt.

Meanwhile, we are busy preparing for the arrival of the first 500 copies of Danger Quicksand – Have  A Nice Day, doing research for the follow-on books, and providing suppport for a local tree-care firm. We have even been able to fit in some woodworking projects, although not at the rate we originally planned.

Writing has become an increasingly important part of my working life as the prospect of earning a living wage from that entertaining pursuit actually begins to take shape. Like anything else, the period of early investment seems to stretch on endlessly before any signs of encouraging return appear.

Encouragement from family and friends means a lot during this period. I have been fortunate in that regard. Blogging helps you develop a wide circle of close friends.

In a few days, I will be able to blog from home and will be able to share pictures of this trip. Meanwhile, we are preparing for a cold snap and possible snow. Stay tuned…

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