Are we circling the drain yet?


With unemployment steadily worsening, our elected representatives living a life of luxury on our tax dollars, and favored companies and individuals getting "waivers" to avoid the effects of recently passed laws that will cripple most American businesses, it sure is easy to feel that the end days are here with respect to the 250-year-old Amwerican Dream.

Incidently a recent poll found that 85% of recent college grads are living at home with Mom and Dad. (That's up from 68% just a few years ago.)

If you doubt that power corrupts  and absolute power corrupts absolutely, you only have to look at the behavior of Nancy Pelosi to see how a dedicated polititian became a symbol of legislative arrogance and a lightning rod for allegations of graft and corruption.

It sure made me feel frustrated until I realized that we can take action this November 2nd and every Election Day from here on out to bring Congress back under voter control. Getting rid of all incumbents who fail to respond to voter requests for information would be a grand start. Becoming active in the Tea Party movement and any other voter-centric activity will give you a sense of purpose and will channel your frustrations and your energy where it can do some good.

The images at the top of this article shows the harbour at St Ives in Cornwall when the tide is out. The image below shows what the harbor looks like when the tide is in. The fishermen of St Ives have learned to live with the  extreme differences in water level by preparing for the worst and then taking advantage of the tide when it comes in.

We as American voters, should follow a similar course of action while our economic tide is going out. 

We should use these lean times to learn what we can and cannot afford and marshal our collective strength to make changes that will encourage American businesses to expand again. Adding Government jobs does not contribute to our national economy as all government jobs are paid by taxes. Putting more people on the Government payroll as a solution to unemployment is no better than the Roman solution of free corn and games to entertain an increasingly restive population. We need an economic recovery and that comes from motivated businesses, large and small.

We have "barbarians" at the gates right now just as Rome did and they are far more motivated and sometimes better educated than many of our ordinary citizens. Those who sit and watch TV instead of working to revitalize our government and our economy will be the effect of whatever changes take place this Novewmber.

If you are not upset with what is going on in Washington, you are probably not watching what is happening. You will get better coverage, pro and con, of real events on the Internet.

I have chosen to support the Tea Party movement. You should supoort whatever group or activity  that forwards an agenda that you can live with.

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