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Are we circling the drain yet?

With unemployment steadily worsening, our elected representatives living a life of luxury on our tax dollars, and favored companies and individuals getting "waivers" to avoid the effects of recently passed laws that will cripple most American businesses, it sure is … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy dominates Health Care “reform” campaign

Anyone who believes that the Health care reform bill is anything but a naked power grab should look into the following facts. Any one of them should be enough to make you feel betrayed by those you have elected. 1. … Continue reading

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Like a waiter with his thumb in your soup….

The talking head model of news broadcasting and newspaper editorializing / reporting leaves a lot to be desired. Secondhand news that is pre-digested by someone who "knows what you should hear" is no substitute for first-hand exposure to the source. … Continue reading

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