Weather Beast Attacks Northeast

If you believe in signs and portents, this ominous weather map should give you pause. (click on image to enlarge)

I was watching the weather map loop and saw the usual display of snow and mixed weather morph suddenly into this demonic figure.

This is not a weather map to ignore.

A few days ago, we had an inch of slippery snow which caused terror on the streets as vehicles fishtailed helplessly even at low speeds. On a two hour trip into Charlottesville, I had six narrow escapes in my Dodge cargo van. The snow had compacted into a surface that was unsafe at any speed.

At one point, I slid sideways down a country road and narrowly missed taking out oncoming cars. Not everyone was so fortunate and the ambulances were very busy on the south side of Charlottesville. The city terrain consists of rolling hills and every incline is a potential threat for non-four-wheel drive vehicles.

We are planning to watch the weather from inside today.

UPDATE: It is now 2:00PM and it has been sleeting steadily for the past two hours. The frozen particles bounce on impact with the ground and sting when they hit your skin. A herd of deer dashed through here a few minutes ago, trying to find shelter. It’s not a fit day for man or beast.

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