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After consuming as many scones as I could decently get away with, we hugged our new friends goodbye and set out on snow-covered roads toward home.

Although the snow crunched and squeaked underfoot, it was a virtual heat wave, because the temperature had finally risen from 5 to 19 degrees(F). The roads were still slippery, so I drove carefully out of Vermont and headed south into Massachusetts.

The western part of Massachusetts is beautiful in any season. We drove through Williamstown which has colonial houses and a town green where local militia once drilled. This is just one of many early towns like Longmeadow and Concord, which serve as a reminder that our history began with people carving a life out of a rude and unforgiving environment, yet taking the time to create towns that still appeal to us.

After hours of Massachusetts byways, we broke free and coursed swiftly over turnpikes and throughways through New York state and Pennsylvania.

We are staying at the Hampton Inn in Hazelton where high speed internet access is instantly available by opening our laptop.

The one, tiny drawback to life in the southwest corner of Vermont is that I was not able to find easy internet access for my laptop. My previous post was entered on our host’s computer.

I am beginning to formulate an ideal scene for a place to live. So far, it involves a rural environment with fiber optic connections to the internet. Sounds improbable? There are more places like that every month. Fiber is opening up rural American to growth like the railroads opened the country to settlers in the past.

Hope you are all enjoying your Holidays.

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