Showdown in Fallujah

This revealing email from Lt. Col. David BELLON, USMC seems to indicate that the city of terrorists is about to end its 8 month downward spiral by going out in a blaze of gunfire.

David writes, "They believe that they can hold Fallujah.  In fact, they have come from all over to be part of its glorious defense."

His description of the current situation is well worth reading.

We may look in the next few months and see this as one of the more fortunate consequences of our earlier withdrawal from Fallujah. Instead of having to search for these terrorists, they have gathered themselves in one place where they can be effectively disposed of.

At this point, it appears that the only people left in Fallujah are those who support the terrorists. Those who fled earlier are willing for the Marines and Iraqi forces to reduce the city to rubble, if necessary, to get rid of the vermin that infests it.

A soldier was quoted in a related NYT article. I think he captured the issue succinctly:

"It’s kind of like the cancer of Iraq," said Lt. Steven
Berch, a lanky platoon commander, speaking of Falluja. "It’s become a
kind of hotel for the insurgents. Hopefully getting rid of them will
help to stabilize the whole country."

Getting all of the terrorists in one place will make a thorough
cleanup more likely. I hope that the attack begins before the
terrorists realize what mortal danger they are in.

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