Spam Update

92.72% of my email is spam. Whoop de do…

Fortunately, I don’t see any of it on the one email address that is protected by SpamArrest. Anyone who is not in my address book gets challenged and must respond in order for their email to go through.

In the last two years, on that one email account,, I have received about 60,000 spam emails. The spam rate has increased from approximately 100 per day in 2003 to 200 per day at the present time. That’s a lot of garbage to delete.

If I hadn’t made the decision to go with SpamArrest, I would be snarling at my email each morning like Gretchen does.

I have three other email acounts and the spam count is rising on all
of them. I am using POPFile, which is free, on these other three

POPFile becomes more effective at screening spam the longer you use
it and if you correct it when it makes a mistake. The spam gets routed
to your Trash folder where it is quite easy to check before you dispose
of it.

The problem is that the spam actually gets to your computer with
POPFile. With SpamArrest, it takes a live person to get through the
screening process, so the spam never gets to your computer.

However, to be perfectly honest, there are a few people who can’t
seem to get the hang of a challenge-response system, so I miss about
one email a month. That’s an acceptable price to pay for blocking 6000
pieces of spam per month.

What is your spam percentage?

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