Disasters are a wake-up call

When a personal or national disaster occurs, it’s because someone was not paying attention.

There are always warning signs of personal, marital and national disasters. Whether it is a cheating spouse, IRS impoundment of property, or a slaughter of innocent civilians in a 9-11 terrorist event, there is ample evidence of wrong-doing that was observed and ignored until too late.

This is not an encouragement to live your life in fear and apprehension, it is a strong recommendation for you not to be so damn reasonable! If bad things are happening around you, you need to do something about them, or get out. Don’t whine. Do something effective or prepare to have your life shatter. Life is only fair if you insist on making it so.

Living a “good” life and being nice to people does not make our life secure, it is just a tiny part of the picture. We need to make sure that our environment is free from dangerous activity. Our environment is not our little neighborhood any more, it includes our state, our nation, and the condition of the earth that we live on. Ignoring destructive activities opens the door to lawlessness, terrorist attacks, and even global warming or pollution of the oceans.

We try to do what seems right, but we sometimes miss vital indicators and find that all of our plans come crashing to the ground. We need to treat disasters as a wake-up call. We have to make new decisions and move on.

The additional point I want to make is that we cannot persist in the same course, once a disaster occurs. We must persist in living and creating a life for ourselves, but we must take responsibility for what is happening around us. Nobody else is responsible for our condition, no matter what others may claim. Our actions got us where we are and they can get us out of this if we make the right changes.

There is no shame in having made mistakes because you could not see signs that everyone else could see, but there is no point in continuing self-destructive behavior. Open your eyes and take part in making the world a better place to live.

Last year about this time, I wrote a post titled Hang in There which contained a real-life example of how one can survive a seemingly hopeless situation. It bears rereading because these hopeless situations do occur, if not to you then to your friends and family.

Here’s hoping that you don’t need this advice soon…

UPDATE: Ironbear gets this concept and he addresses illustrates the global scenario in his own inimitable way. (Not for these expecting a happy ending or a pat solution.)

I hardly need to remind you that paying attention is not sufficient to ward off a disaster. You have to DO something toward handling it before it strikes.

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