Red sky at morning…


Gretchen spotted this while making breakfast and we both took pictures while the light lasted.

This wonderful light show occurred around 7:00am, but the sky grew overcast soon after that and the temperature stayed in the twenties all day.

Palmyra-DawnThis weather is more characteristic of western Massachusetts than of southern Virginia. After a brief sortie to put out food for deer, squirrels and birds, I spent the rest of the day at the computer. I managed to visit a few other blogs and was inspired to do a post before Gretchen gently reminded me that I had a backlog of work to take care of.

I got my act together and spent a few hours preparing a contract for the repair work to be done on the roof and the kitchen.

The temperature never did warm up, so I confined myself to short periods outdoors and spent most of the time inside. It was so cold that it was difficult to confront working in the workshop. Dressing warmly and wearing warm gloves makes it possible to work in the shop, but it’s not enjoyable.

I finally bit the bullet and cleared off enough of my desk to find and pay the bills.

Now that I am reasonably caught up, I am looking forward to the arrival of the crew that will transform our broken roof into a new state of grace.

We have decided that we will put a skylight in the kitchen. Some good will come of this hurricane damage.

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